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    Mostly Harmless

    Joined August 2009.

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    I haven’t been here for ages. I remember it fondly.

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    ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Joined May 2009 and calls Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision home.

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    “Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!” -Krully

    Ficly Blogger-In-Chieftess

    I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

    Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
    I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

    I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

    Get your ficly fandom on!*

    I wrote some free ebooks:

    “For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
    “Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore

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    Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Joined January 2010 and calls the Land of Oz, for which she is its Wizard, home.

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    “If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”
    —Ludwig Wittgenstein

    My name is Wednesday, and I guess you could say that for the most part that quote personifies me. If there were no silliness in this world I would die.

    However, I guess it’s not all shits and giggles on my side of the pond. Because as much as I’d like, life is not just silliness.

    Cheer Captain of the High Seas in the League of Awesomeness.
    ‘Cheer’ suggested by ElshaHawk
    Named ‘Jae’ by the marvelousness that is Mr.Gabriel

    Rest is not idleness,
    and to lie sometimes on the grass
    under trees on a summer’s day,
    listening to the murmur of the water,
    or watching the clouds float across the sky
    is by no means a waste of time.
    —John Lubbuck

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    Sphinx Without A Secret

    Joined December 2009 and calls Zoe's Fledgeling Literary Career home.

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    THX 0477

    Joined May 2009.

    552 stories, 6 challenges, 5998 comments, and 28 friends

    Dr. Tim’s Neurotic Rules of Ficly Life

    [Disclaimer: This is not intended to be binding nor in any way an expectation of general members of Ficly, league members, family members or wearers of Member’s Only jackets]

    1. Comment to Story posting ratio must exceed 5:1. Goal is 10:1. In other words, I write a story then find five others (at least) upon which to comment before writing another.

    2. For every solo shot or sequel of my own material, I must write a sequel or prequel to the work of another author. If I’m going easy on myself, participating in a challenge also fulfills this requirement.

    3. If someone comments on one of my stories, I go find one of theirs upon which to comment. It only seems fair, and I like to think it encourages commenting.

    4. Awesomeness is the goal, always. Call me on it when I fail, please.

    5. Clearly mark mature content and err on the side of caution.

    6. Golden Rule remains in effect for all sequels, prequels, and comments.

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    Joined March 2010.

    10 stories, 2 challenges, 40 comments, and 9 friends

    I’m a girl who doesn’t play video games working for a video game company. I was hoodwinked into majoring in philosophy while maintaining an avid interest to marine biology. I plan on going back to school to nurture this interest and turn it into a career. I also plan on getting over my fear of the ocean as I do so.

    I also really like squids. A lot.

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    Jim Stitzel

    Joined February 2010 and calls home.

    142 stories, 4 challenges, 1208 comments, and 57 friends

    I dabble a little in a lot of things — writing, webcomics, gaming, photography, web design, music, and more. I’m a full-time code-wrangler and a part-time farmer with 40 acres, a lot of animals, and far, far too much to do.

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    Magus Kyros

    Joined March 2010.

    11 stories, 0 challenges, 19 comments, and 4 friends

    I’m out of my element here, but that’s fine.
    It’s a good place to practice the parts of story telling I love the most, namely world building.
    I like my science fiction and I like my fantasy, but I prefer to keep them separate.
    My style always seems to be overly formatted and abusive toward standard grammar, which will make more sense once you read a story of mine.
    I write in spurts and get inspiration in phrases, so time may be long between submissions, but I’m trying to make a habit of this.
    Feedback of any shape is always greatly appreciated.

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    Joined March 2010 and calls Tyk-Tok home.

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    I call myself an amateur fabulist, but that just means I really like telling stories! I have a blog where I put some literature stuffs, but I plan on putting some real fun stuffs here on ficly!

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    The Third Robot

    Joined February 2010.

    66 stories, 5 challenges, 447 comments, and 37 friends

    Hey guys. I’m around here every now and again.

    I write my stories at 3 AM.
    Ficly is nifty, you’re all cool cats.
    Bring on the comments, I eat them for breakfast.
    I always try to challenge myself. I often bite off more than I can chew.
    I’m a multi-dimensional being so sometimes my tenses will be kerfuffed.
    I don’t rate anymore because I have concluded that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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    The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    Joined July 2009 and calls The Bonfire home.

    179 stories, 35 challenges, 342 comments, and 18 friends

    It’s amazing where life can take you. I always find myself coming back here though. My writing if you look at it chronologically has been steadily maturing, hopefully it turns into something inspiring. I call myself “The Silence” nowaday’s because the absence of sound is a name all in itself. You might have formerly known me as “The Silent Storm”.

    Urban Legend

    Zombie Secret Agents, Explosions and Sexy Vampires

    Give Me Five Days

    Wildcard: The randomest hero of them all

    The Legacy of the Silent Storm

    Facing the Evil


    Mr. Gabriel & I – The Boy Who Could See His Emotions (COMPLETED)

    TextMason & I – My Echoes
    Remember if you like what you see, comment or I’ll probably stop the series.

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    Ruby Slippers

    Joined January 2010.

    27 stories, 3 challenges, 158 comments, and 12 friends

    “This is my letter to the World /
    That never wrote to Me”
    - Emily Dickinson

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    Joined March 2010.

    252 stories, 5 challenges, 614 comments, and 29 friends

    I am a solitary writer
    Living in a house of poetry
    In a wilderness of words

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    Joined March 2010.

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    Joined June 2009 and calls As the Moon Climbs home.

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    Who wants to be a writer? I do!

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    Joined July 2010.

    22 stories, 2 challenges, 73 comments, and 20 friends

    I’ve written some fairly mediocre stuff in the past, and now I’m hoping to go past that and maybe achieve ‘average’. Still hoping to pick up some skills from the writers I see here – I’m hoping absurdly that maybe if I hang around long enough, I’ll become as good as them. And yes, getting some creativity would be a good idea for me, too.

    So if you have any comments or anything, feel free to tell me. No matter how harsh they are – okay, maybe I’d like it if it wasn’t that harsh. But critiques are always handy because I’m still awful at writing. Would appreciate any advice!

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    Joined July 2010 and calls tesseract:unfolded home.

    97 stories, 5 challenges, 108 comments, and 0 friends

    Writing with many facets. I’ve been dabbling in the Art of the Word for well over 15 years. If you leave a rating, kindly leave comments as well. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? You can help me grow.

    Random thoughts along with the occasional Haiku or Alliteration play may be found on Twitter @TesseractUnfold. My personal site (link above) features some written works that are not here, as well as some photos and drawings.

    Persona Profile may be found here:

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    Robert Quick

    Joined March 2010.

    1063 stories, 24 challenges, 1395 comments, and 203 friends

    A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.

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    Joined July 2009 and calls [ˌmæ̃ə̯̃ɾ̃ɪ̃nˈtspeɪ̯s] home.

    408 stories, 14 challenges, 612 comments, and 92 friends

    Kicking it at the University of Oklahoma. I like writing, science, almost all forms of music (literally), creating constructed languages, graphic/visual arts, and a good book. I will not hesitate in saying I am a Christian and I am proud to be an American.

    Avatar via the Happy Wheels Wiki.

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    Joined October 2011 and calls nicholas.chng home.

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    and the imperfect will inherit the words

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    Abby (LoA)

    Joined October 2009.

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    Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: in case anyone wants to keep in touch!

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    Joined May 2012.

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