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I ain’t a writer right now, and I probably wont be one in the future, but I sure as hell enjoy the act of writing. I’ve only just started writing in the past few years, and even then have only produced short stories and shorter stories. I haven’t taken any classes, or learned from any one source, but I read a lot.

I take from what I read, and learn from the authors on my shelf. They’re the ones who’ve taught me to write, and I’ll never stop reading and learning. My writings are sporadic, my posting of stories even more so, and I don’t ever hope to be published, much less make it a full time job, but I enjoy it. So I guess I won’t ever stop writing either.


  1. My Strongest Weapon

    It sits on the corner of my desk, rotting away with time. I’ve not used it recently, but still, it holds a shine. I keep it sharp. As sharp as my wit. Were either to dull, I would be long dead. With great care, I pull it from it’s sheath. T...

  2. Misinformed

    My senses come back to me slowly. There is an odd weight in my left hand. Through the still red haze, I can see the cold metal bar in my grasp. There’s a large dent near the top of it, and a blood stain a few inches lower. There is a significant ...

  3. Crossed Paths

    I shift my weight to my right arm, rise to as much of a sitting position as I can, and look up through blood stained eyes. I can just barely see the figure of my assailant through a fine red haze. As he approaches me again, dragging some sort of bludge...

  4. Reality Pills

    Telling my parents about Franz was a bad idea. They sent me to a counselor to help “get my head on straight.” Dr. Slacks gave me a bottle of pills that rattled when you shook it. They smelled funny. Franz told me not to take them. I trust F...

  5. Imagination

    I’ve always had a strong imagination. You see, I spent most of my years within my mind. So really, it came as no surprise when my imaginings started becoming real. It frightened me at first, because let’s face it, the mind of a twelve year ...