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okay. im back, but im not gonna write something new at the moment cause my schedule won’t allow me.


  1. who are you?

    im talkative. im crazy. i care less of what people think about me. i love to laugh.. im EVILL!!! I think females are the better gender.. no offense. i want to rob a gasoline station one day. joke!! im to lazy to do that.. I get pissed easily. People so...

  2. i shall return.

    “i finally remembered my password! yeaa!” Tas whispered to herself. “maybe im the only nineteen year-old who forgets her password at important accounts.. or maybe not.. i miss my friends here.. " “shall i post new stories? ...

  3. marky VIII

    No matter what I do, no matter who I meet, Marky will never be replaced in my heart. Even though he is no longer alive I still know that he will always be with me; and I will always be with him. I can’t help but think about him everyday. Marky wa...

  4. marky VII (I NEED YOU! come back!)

    Me and Skylar decided that you are on another one of your little vacations still in NY! You’re not gone! I miss you Marky im trying so hard to go on with out you but its really hard i cant do it! I just hate it i don’t care about anything i...

  5. marcky VI

    i miss you so much Marky! and that guy that stayed over at your house and how me and you secretly just wanted to stuff him in the closet without anyone knowing and just pretend that he left. O and when we would go to the mall and always have to attempt...

  6. marky V

    I can’t go without you I can’t like seriously! I cant text you anymore when i’m in math that me and you just never understood and you would always text me in there so I wouldn’t be bored and you would always tell me to go up to ...

  7. marky IV

    and how you would always make me do fish out of water before we did anything you were like NO CLAIR do fish out of water then we can go(: i’d always get so crabby i made every one close their eyes, hahaha. Awhh Marky I miss you, I think about you...

  8. marky III

    But now i have to get over it by myself and it’s not easy all i really have to do is just pretend your right by my side then i can pretty much do anything because i know that if you were with me we just wouldn’t care! i always remember how ...

  9. marky II

    You knew how easily i got embarrassed all the time and i just couldn’t do certain stuff and you would always make me get over it but without me being embarrassed. I remember you even called me in the car in the morning when you walked to school w...

  10. marky

    I am missing my best most closest friend in the entire world! i need him back. Its not the same with out you Marky. With you being gone i’ve learned not to care what people think, because i know you didn’t so i stopped caring and just do my...

  11. Maria

    Im fine. It doesn’t hurt. Its nothing, compared to what I went through. I even tried killing myself. Back there, I knew LOVE wasn’t meant for me.. I cut off my bone and my skin. Laying on the table.. You know who i thought of?? I n...

  12. soul mate

    i love him. i need to impress him. that’s why i trained myself.really hard.just to catch his eyes. i did beat him at racing.and he noticed me.we started dating.he’s a very nice guy. but i have this weird feeling. woman instinct. there’...

  13. dear mr. claus,

    *"dear mr. cLaus, * i am here not to ask for any present,. i dont even know what that is. i know i’ve been a ‘monster child’, my mother always try her very best to hit me almost every 30 seconds, i know she loves me. even if i ha...

  14. go against nature!!

    why is it raining? why can’t a sun shine when i want it to be sunny? and teardrops fell whenever i don’t feel like it. i think nature’s taking drugs. i hate the turn of climates like i hate power lines went out because of her. when tr...

  15. i'll be waiting.

    everything seem so out of place. its soo wrong.. a smile cant be made without so much effort. pretense is in the air. i cant seem to grab a hold of myself. oh!yeah, my.boyfriend.left.me. its been fourteen years and i am still waiting for him to come ba...

  16. Ishi's tears. (Mature)

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