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  1. Professional Courtesy

    He entered the train station, his eyes scanning the crowd of people. With a business suit, he looked like any of the other people going to work. His gaze stopped on a man. Slender. Red hair. This was definitely the man from the photograph. His stare re...

  2. The 68 Character Continuation

    ss than one thousand twenty four characters long!" Wait… …Shit

  3. The 1,024 Character Story

    The man typed furiously on his keyboard. He had looked like an idiot on an internet forum. He knew this could not stand. He would prove to them that he could write a story in less than 1,024 characters! He laughed to himself knowingly saying, “Th...

  4. las dos Españas, Part 4

    Vicente spat out a tooth and returned by hitting the hand holding the instrument which had struck him. Two of Francisco’s fingers were bent into an unnatural position form the blow, but he was able to hold onto his club with by tightening his grasp w...

  5. las dos Españas, Part 3

    Francisco attempted to put distance between them to give him a moment to regain his composure, but Vicente continued wading after him. Vicente prepared for a final devastating blow, bringing his weapon down with a great force. The attack missed broadly...

  6. las dos Españas, Part 2

    Vicente again closed the distance between them and attempted to strike. This time, however, Francisco had prepared for his attack and struck the elbow of his outstretched arm. A cracking noise and pained scream confirmed the success of his counterattac...

  7. las dos Españas, Part 1

    The two men stood in the clearing staring at each other intently. Their gaze was transfixed on their opposer across an invisible line. Every slight movement from one provoked an equivalent defensive response from the other. When one took on a threateni...

  8. After the Ending

    The end of the world didn’t happen as we expected. It didn’t happen on one moment of one day. It occurred gradually over time, with no one realizing when we crossed that point of no return. We only realized what had happened years after it was over...

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