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  1. Mather and Mouse Reunited

    It takes two. Mather slouches on the bench, waiting for Mathilda to return, wondering why he is here, what happened to Mouse, and what he is going to tell Mathilda when she does return. He reaches up to wipe away the sweat that had started to bead on h...

  2. Mather, Meet Mathilda

    Things have a funny way of working themselves out. “Here, drink this.” Sitting on a wooden bench in an office behind the museum’s info center, Mather accepts the paper cup from the woman and drinks. “Better?” Mather nods. “Good. I’m Mathi...

  3. Mouse Goes Missing

    It can, and does, get worse. “Sir? Sir? Are you alright? Shall I call an ambulance?” Mather’s eyelids flutter, attempting to rid his eyes of the fur that blocks all but shapes and sunlight. His forehead crinkles. He fights to focus, staring with ...

  4. Mather Missteps

    It was bound to happen. Arriving at the entrance to the museum, Mather stares the great pyramid of stairs then at Mouse. Mouse stares back, whiskers twitching. Mather looks up, sighs, and begins to climb. The museum is alive, breathing, inhaling and ex...

  5. Mouse Has a Plan

    Mather should have known better. He trusted Mouse, deferred to his superior intellect even, but today this would prove a mistake. For Mouse did not have Mather’s best interests at heart, but rather his own. Mouse, you see, decided he was ready to set...

  6. Dawn

    They come. Today they come for me to repay the debt owed for yesterday. That is how it works. That is always how it works. Suffering to end suffering. A means to an end. I was bred for it. It is my purpose. They are here now. They stand at the door to ...

  7. Anniversary - Part II

    The receiver slips through his fingers, bounces off the phone with a ding, rebounds, and hangs, strangled, swinging. Mark’s throat closes. His fingers drift down the chrome IV pole as he turns, his foot reaching for the answers the mirror must have b...

  8. Alone

    Alone. I lie awake, haunted by a life that was, wishing for what could have been but will never be. No one knows. None would care. Breathe. My body will be left to rot. My life story, a brief blurb in newsprint. Black and white. Without color. A fittin...

  9. The Machinations of Mather and Mouse

    It isn’t every day that things like this happen. Mather M— was quite the ordinary sort of fellow, the kind of fellow you’d pass on the street and not think twice about. Until you did. You see, Mather had an affinity for mice, or rather, one mouse...

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dan balman's Followers (5)

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