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Austrian, married, father – hobby writer, enjoying music, motor biking, Pcs, etc.
English is not my native language, so please forgive some strange constructs ;)


  1. Journeying V (Mature)

  2. Journeying IV (Mature)

  3. Journeying III (Mature)

  4. Journeying II (Mature)

  5. Lights out!

    It was a night she had long been longing for. They were to have dinner in a really fancy restaurant which had a long waiting list. She thought it was going to be “THE” night, the one, very special where he would ask “THE” questi...

  6. Journeying (Mature)

  7. Waiting...

    “How can we get something to eat and drink to her, without letting the archmage know?” “We could throw it.”, the thief suggested. “Put it on a stick and hold it in.”, the dwarf warrior in his way too big chainmail re...

  8. Burning Tentacles

    Upon arrival of the archmage, the flame turned green and formed a face. The archmage saw all the events of the day, the cry for help, the arrival of the party, and the trial of the rogue mage. The only thing he could not see was that the company of her...

  9. Hunger of the Blue Flame

    The whole team got together and pulled the mage back from the flames. With combined forces they were able to pull the mage out unharmed. “This is one of the most powerful spells I have encountered”, the mage muttered in astonishment. “...

  10. A Cry from Afar

    They were strolling through the forest in no particular direction as they suddenly heared the painful cry of a woman. Trying to pinpoint the direction they were listening anxiously. The cry intensified & they started to run in the direction of the ...

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