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I’m a blogger, anarchist-ish liberal,software developer, geek, environmentalist, sort-of-foodie nerd. You know the type.


  1. Buenos Aires, Georgia

    Just then, Governor Sanford realized what this meant – Maybe Buenos Aires had moved as well! The Centaurian ship had moved many cities around, why not the home of his mistress? It was worth a shot. Sanford motioned the flight attendant over to hi...

  2. Change

    Removed for modification – not sure how well it works as is yet.

  3. Agent Arthur

    “Arthur,” began R as she lowered her glasses condescendingly, “I know that you’re not exactly agent material. You’re not strong, you’re not particularly suave, and the only thing quick about you is your wits. However...

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George Peterson's Followers (2)

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