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  1. Bacon Strips

    Max wasn’t obese per se. The fact that the old woman dumped a full package of cooked bacon into his bowl every morning, along with a handful of dry dogfood didn’t help, but he could still, with a good sprint, put the fear of Man into any ra...

  2. Sunny Daze

    He retreated towards the underground bunker, now called home, his protective suit coughing out a slow trail of smoke behind him. Along the way, he fantasized briefly, disturbingly, about removing the confining suit and sprinting back into the blisterin...

  3. The Mouse That Roared

    For just a nanosec, she felt her forefinger twitch in protest. As if it had ethics of it’s own. Flex, blink, click. It was done. Done. A bead of sweat rolled down her sunken right cheek and in it’s wake, a flash of brilliant blackness so in...