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What can I say? I’m just a regular guy living a wonderful life. I love to write. My mind is always full of things dying to be brought to life. I have a wonderful imagination and I’m not afraid to use it!

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
― Groucho Marx


  1. Stepping Forward.

    “I cant believe her. How could she treat me like this? …How could I let her treat me like this……. UGHHH! I’ll be so glad once I’ve finally settled in at Dan’s. At least I’ll be able to live my life uninte...

  2. Taking Control (cont.)

    “What, Mother!?” “Kelly, can we please just talk about this? “There’s nothing left to talk about Mom.” “Kelly you’re making a huge mistake! You cant just move in with that boy, don’t you think you&#...

  3. Taking Control

    Conversation between Kelly’s parents. “I am not going to stand here and let Kelly continue to see that boy! “Oh, let it go, Diane. They are two grown adults capable of making their own decisions.” “No, they are obviously not capable of making...

  4. No Compassion.

    Overhearing her parents conversation ""Yeah, they’ve got Dan over in ICU. He’s got a minor concussion and a broken collar bone." “That boy is lucky to be alive.” My parents had been scrambling back and forth. They...

  5. I'm So Sorry.

    I had finally regained consciousness. I was laying in a rather uncomfortable bed, in a poorly lit room with no recollection of how I got there. “Ugh, my head, I feel like I was just hit by a bus.” “How about a Semi?” “Huh?...

  6. Just Hold On. (Mature)

  7. Hang in there.

    It was hard to keep Kelly calm when I had broke into a nervous panic myself. I helped her to her feet but she complained that her muscles were too sore for her to walk. I picked her up and quickly brought her to the car. “Hang in there baby!̶...

  8. Payback

    The Sun had set and it was hard enough to see my own feet, let alone keep searching for Kelly. Why would she run off like this? As much as I hate to admit it, I was actually feeling a bit scared. I had been to the lake before, but never this far out, a...

  9. Intentions.

    “Kelly, what are you doing?” “I’m going back.” Kelly replied. “But.. Why?” I added. “Why not?” Said Kelly. “It’s so peaceful out here, Dan. Now I know why you come here so much.” &...

  10. Change of plans.

    The ring he presented me sparkled as it captured the sunlight, setting the diamond aglow almost as if the diamond itself were a piece of the Sun, set into a smooth, white gold band. For a moment I was lost in it’s beauty. “Dan, I don’...

  11. Animal Intentions Part 7 (Mature)

  12. Animal Intentions Part 6 (Mature)

  13. Animal Intentions Part 5 (Mature)

  14. Animal Intentions Part 4 (Mature)

  15. Animal Intentions Part 3 (Mature)

  16. Animal Intentions Part 2 (Mature)

  17. Animal Intentions (Mature)

  18. Pendulum

    The Stars used to look beautiful this time of night. I loved coming out here on my porch step with a hot cocoa to sit and just gaze at the sky, wondrous in all its glory, but it’s gone now. The stars, the Moon and even the Sun have been clouded by th...

  19. Car Troubles.

    Dan looked over with a smile. “Ready Babe?” He questioned as he turned the key in the ignition. “Ye..” I paused, hearing the starter make that horrible click. “I’ll try again.” Dan said as he attempted once mor...

  20. Packing up.

    Last night was amazing. The crackling fire and the shine of the stars painted such a beautiful picture across the night sky, and the way the moonlight glistened over the shimmering lake was magical, but what really made this whole trek worth it, was sp...

  21. Perfect time to Panic.

    The fire crackled and popped as I poked it with the stick I had found beside me. I was left in my own company while Dan wandered over the hill to find a suitable tree to relieve himself. I grew curious as minutes passed. I mean, how long could it possi...

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