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“Stand back! I have a keyboard and I’m not afraid to use it.”

This site is totally awesome. I really enjoyed ficlets.com (where I went by my alternative handle of kjaneway), and I thought that it was a great shame that the decision was made to close it.

However, one of the useful things was that everything was Creative Commons licensed, so though the site itself went away, we didn’t lose the explosion of creativity it generated.

And now we’re back; hopefully, to be even better than before.

So, you want to know about me:

  1. I really, really hate describing myself, especially in little textboxes
  2. I got into writing via fanfic, mostly playing with lesbian subtext in sci-fi shows
  3. I like correct spelling and use of punctuation, and good grammar
  4. I adore the limitations of the ficly format, and won’t post unless I’ve hit the magical 1024 characters
  5. I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read, and I think life without the creative arts wouldn’t be worthwhile
  6. I hold an honours degree in Chemistry


  1. A Plot to Call My Own

    This piece of ground is mine. I have a file reference with GPS coordinates to prove it, digitally signed by the governor himself. I’ve saved for years for this moment. Living in shared dorms with other migrant workers who took the risk of coming ...

  2. Room with a View

    This morning, she woke to blue skies streaked with clouds still slightly pink from the rapidly retreating dawn. A vast panorama of trees showed red, orange and yellow, with the occasional almost startling green. As usual, she spent the last few minutes...

  3. Anticipation of Bad News

    It had seemed a wonderful day to be an art student in London. The rain that had drenched them while stumbling home from a club the night before had blown away shortly before the sun had risen. Through clearing cloud, dawn speared pink, orange and yello...

  4. Solo

    The long room was entirely devoid of colour, yet the space was filled with sounds. The quiet, intermittent tock of a blind rattling in its rails with the ebb and flow of the sea breeze, which also brought the raucous sounds of gulls and the occasional ...

  5. Confrontation with a god in an industrial throne room

    The cracked and faded orange plastic of the seat was mostly attached to a battered frame of bent metal tubes. It rested on a plank raised, just a little, by four concrete blocks, and, even had it been the smoothest surface, all four legs would have fai...

  6. Mistaken Judgement at the Burger Place

    Ethan was never one for bars, and Joe had had little choice but to follow his lead. They sat in a corner of the chain restaurant on brightly coloured vinyl bench seating, dripping onto the scrubbed white tiles, while over-processed music leaked out of ...

  7. Reunion at the Abandoned Oasis

    Paint flaked off the walls, falling to the sidewalk in small curls, that fluttered around briefly in the hard-edged, flickering light from the candle in the broken lamp by the door, before vanishing into the damp darkness of the night beyond. Jagged, r...

  8. Leaving the Bayou

    She watched LeBlanc as he put his finger in his collar and eased the fabric away from his neck for the eighth time in as many minutes. It was an odd habit, in her opinion, and had already left a grubby mark on the expensive white cotton. She knew damne...

  9. Too Icky

    It was dusk by the time we reached the docks. The last of the sunset reflected of the low clouds, painting the sky orange and pink behind the darkened buildings. The drunken Captain had fallen silent towards the end of the journey and now ambled surpri...

  10. Nominative determinism at work (June 23rd, 2010)

    The man was drunk. Really, utterly blasted. So much so, that I wondered how he was still standing. He held the webbing strap so tightly that his knuckles were white, and swayed alarmingly as the transport took corners on its meandering route towards th...

  11. The Yard (May 17th, 2010)

    Flurries of damp snow were beginning to settle in wind driven piles in the corners of the barren yard. Men shuffled around the space, some with limp cigarettes drooping from pinched lips, hands stuffed deep into their pockets. Our thin orange jumpsuits...

  12. A Rainy Day

    We stand in the rain. Together, side by side, we have stood here in all weathers. The summer’s sun parched our throats and burnt our skin until it was red and peeling, and still we stood. In autumn, the wind blew leaves fallen from the ancient tr...

  13. Blasphemy (Mature)

  14. Olivia's bad day (redux)

    Holly shivered and pulled the thin material of her cardigan around her shoulders more tightly. It was surprisingly cold in this draughty corridor by A&E and the cheap plastic chair was digging uncomfortably into her legs. She’d barely noticed...

  15. Man vs Nature

    The grass was soft under my back. A verdant mattress that cushioned my sore body. My pack lay abandoned a few feet away, balanced neatly against the stone pyramid that marked the summit of the peak, next to my boots. I crossed my arms behind my head, c...

  16. Ode to a TV character on the event of your untimely demise

    We never met. How could we? After all, you are simply a fantasy. A combination of writers, directors and an actor, captured going through the motions of a life that never quite existed. But does this stop you being… real? We met many times. You w...

  17. Falling Down

    The alleyway was longer than I’d remembered. Darker, too. The last light was fifteen feet behind me, now. The flickering lamp casting a weak puddle of light, illuminating the putrid bins of some nameless take out store. I pressed on. Keeping my p...

  18. Three to get ready... [Retro ficlet] (really, really mature) (Mature)

  19. West Coast Dreaming [Retro Ficlet]

    The wide expanse of the beach was golden in places, nearer white in others. The dunes were layered with browns and reds and topped with the yellows and greens of the tenacious plants that held on against the shifting nature of their footholds and the r...

  20. Hard Radiation

    Solar flares are an astronaut’s worst nightmare. I mean, there’s other stuff to worry about, as you hurtle through space in the tin can you’re calling home. Running out of air, because the scrubbing system’s failed, or, perhaps,...

  21. Be careful what you wish for...

    FIZZ-POP The first one appeared on his desk, with a sort of sucking, tearing noise. He looked at it for a moment, still dubious. When it didn’t vanish, he tried poking it, and was surprised to find that it was as solid as it looked. A few clicks ...

  22. Belonging to Raven

    Arriving in this city I’d never visited before was a homecoming. This place, most of a world away from my birthplace, and related to me in no obvious way, was where I belonged. My sore heart rejoiced to be back and my soul was soothed by the fami...

  23. Ghosts in the Shell

    She’d walked in the main door of the building. Just like any other person could, even checked with the rent-a-bozos at the desk that she was in the right place. The mapstick had come with a trial of Babel’s language pack for tourists. The h...

  24. Truth never comes cheaply

    She tumbled out of the net, and landed roughly back in her body. Her timed jack-out had caught her unawares, as usual. Time passed differently when you were a virtual dung beetle. Another five hours spent sifting through the digital detritus of the hum...

  25. Patterns for Recognition

    She was heading home from the drop site when the money hit her bank account with an audible thunk, proportional to the size of the pay off. It was her earliest attempt at customising her headrig, from back when she was a kid. She’d kept it, becau...

  26. We Can Collect It For You... For A Price

    Her ankle length coat was seamless, and the black leather draped as softly as silk. It was tank grown, of course, but clearly tailor made. This was not one of the cheap off the shelf coats. This had been grown to order. And, he thought, fit was somethi...

  27. Gathering a little moss

    I woke up in Fezia. That surprised me, for I had slept, shivering in the lee of my dead horse, in the certain knowledge that my travelling days had come to and abrupt and unfortunate ending. My room was carved directly from the native rock, with a seam...

  28. Riding with a Ghost

    I drove. He talked. That’s the way I remember it. I’d picked him up by the side of a long, straight, dusty road in the back end of beyond. Everything he owned lived a small, green knapsack that he slung over one shoulder, except for a batte...

  29. Unfortunate Given Names

    “Hello, my name is Jonathan.” The man in the next bed looked around at him, slowly, disinterest painted across his rumpled, weather-beaten face. “Jon, for short.” The older man, ran a hand over his unshaven chin, wondering wheth...

  30. The Three Founders

    The sky was dark out here, away from the bright lights that ringed the habs, and cloudless. A thin mist rose from the lake behind him, now that the sultry heat of the day had cooled to night with the setting of the suns, and the air had that crisp edge...

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