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    Lady Bug

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    I go places. I see people. I live.
    I write a lot about myself
    I just add in details to make myself look cooler.
    But in reality…
    I’m still pretty fucking cool.

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    Darrell B Nelson

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    I am a semi-professional writer, my writings have appeared in Ray Gun Revival, Distant Worlds, and Alienskin Magazines.
    I mostly write Science Fiction but I dabble in horror and and other stuff.
    With the short-short challenge of this site, who knows what I will come up with.

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    Joined July 2009 and calls Library Mafia home.

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    Aurelia is battling a quarter-life crisis with the help of Ficly and a lot of coffee. She is launching into the abyss of a new career as a (sexy) academic librarian, and working it all out in just 1024 characters.

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    Joined June 2009 and calls Halfpenny Orchestra home.

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    I like to hit 1,024 exactly.

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    Joined July 2009 and calls home.

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    You know that moment when you realize you’re in over your head?
    “I am steeped in blood so far, that returning would be as tedious as going ahead.”
    I missed this place. I missed posting. I can’t be the user that I was before, but I’m going to post.

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    Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    Joined June 2009 and calls cowboy or ninja home.

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    We were two against the world. Now the odds are slightly against me.

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    Seth Miller

    Joined June 2009 and calls Mostly Muppet Dot Com home.

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    I was born at a very young age.

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    Radical Yellow Duck

    Joined July 2009.

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    Ok, I’m back. One heart attack, a triple CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, pronounced cabbage) and two sessions of beating my computer into submission. I am back.

    I’m old. Real old. I’m so old I remember when dialing a phone number actually involved using a dial.

    I’ve worked as a projectionist, an armored car driver, a help desk tech, a museum tech and laserist, an historical interperter at Old Sturbridge Village, a university assistant at a planetarium and observatory. I’ve been a salesman, a techie, A union VP and a storyteller. I remember the Gemini missions, but was born after sputnik. I have a love of History, Technology, Space, my religion (Christianity) and my country. I believe there is more that binds us together than can tear us apart.

    I’ve loved many, married one, was involuntarily divorced.

    Oh and I suppose I should tell you. I don’t understand your music and when it comes to sports, I don’t care if the Red Sox beat the 49’ers for the Stanley cup or not. Not judging, it’s just me.

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    Joined July 2009 and calls [ˌmæ̃ə̯̃ɾ̃ɪ̃nˈtspeɪ̯s] home.

    408 stories, 14 challenges, 612 comments, and 92 friends

    Kicking it at the University of Oklahoma. I like writing, science, almost all forms of music (literally), creating constructed languages, graphic/visual arts, and a good book. I will not hesitate in saying I am a Christian and I am proud to be an American.

    Avatar via the Happy Wheels Wiki.

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    White Marvin

    Joined June 2009.

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    Joined August 2009 and calls Weird Sanctuary home.

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    Meow! Comments make the cat happy, but if you have Skittles, I’ll take that too.

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    Joined June 2009.

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    Husband. Father: two boys. Guinness fan. Scotch whisky admirer. Poker player: live since mid ‘80s; online since ‘00. Activities: goalie (beer league), curler (more beer), golfer (even more beer), soccer (coach and player).


    I’m “in computers” by profession so I have a few venues as creative outlets. This may be another. My interaction is usually directly proportional to my need to relieve stress.

    I am driven by inspiration: without it, I am usually silent.

    I will strive to comment on at least 5 recent/random stories for every one I write.

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    StudMuffin (LoA)

    Joined June 2009 and calls Facemuffin (Studbook?) home.

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    I’m 20. I live in Hastings, UK.
    Uhhh I’m going to school for illustration, but sometimes I just, like, love writing.

    Back when I was 15, I was a member of this site in it’s earliest days and I stopped using it after a while for reasons unknown. Well I’m back for now!

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    Joined June 2009.

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    Always remember how lucky you are.

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    A Beautiful Lie

    Joined August 2009.

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    I am on this site because I aspire to be an author, and I want to know if my stuff is any good.

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    Joined July 2009.

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    Me am writer.

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    White Hat

    Joined August 2009 and calls My Ficlets home.

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    Ficleteer (not a ficlyteer), Computer Scientist, Philosopher.

    The 60-1024-character short story form is still a ficlet, no matter what anyone says!

    If you want a story to continue, sequel it, rather than waiting for someone else to.

    Catch me on AIM as “theonlypoe”

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    Joined July 2009 and calls home.

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    I write mostly sci-fi and mostly flash fiction, but I dabble in other lengths and genres. You can find me at as well as

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    Joined June 2009.

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    Ahoy! Who am I? I’m just another writer who has migrated here from the retired Well, I guess when one door closes, another one opens, right?

    Guess what else? I am a member of another online writing site, called Protagonize! My pen name there is SaveTheUnicorns as well!

    Anyways, feel free to comment on any of my work! I love getting feedback! And if you want me to read any of your stories, just ask me! I’d be delighted to!

    About me:

    I am a very unique and creative human being. I value the essence of who I am. In other words, I am me; what can I say? I may seem weird and outrageous at times, but I am also loyal and trustworthy, and I will never let you down. I am a member to many online communities, and I love to go on the computer.

    I’m a fairly shy individual. Sometimes I’m just in my own little world. But, for the record, I am not an outcast or a total loner. I’m just a deep thinker who ponders the essence of life. I have yet to find out what that is. However, most people have come to accept me for my uniqueness, for which I am eternally grateful.

    Everyone deserves to be loved. People have accepted me for being different, and that has taught me to accept others who are different than myself. Wonderful lessons.

    I also love unique clothing and jewelry! Cows are awesome too! MOOOOO!!!!! Even though I am very strange sometimes, I am still a worthwhile, intelligent, talented person.

    I know not to let some people push my buttons and make me mad, even if they try to. I am a strong person, just with different strengths than others.

    Since I am a hormonal teenage girl, I am occasionally prone to emotional breakdowns. But hey, it’s all good! Writing is a great outlet for me, as it helps me express my emotions. Yarn is also very nice, especially rainbow yarn.

    By the way, did I mention that I totally love rainbows? Yep, that’s me, the Unique Rainbow Child. If you can’t accept and cherish me, then it’s your loss! I am proud to be me and I would never let anyone rob me of that freedom.

    We must all continue in our efforts to save the unicorns! For they are God’s creatures too!

    I hope you have enjoyed viewing my online profile, and feel free to visit again anytime. And remember: even in hard times like these, there is always a rainbow after every storm.

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    Rachel Addison Miller

    Joined September 2009 and calls My twitter page home.

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    B. Booth

    Joined August 2009.

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    I’m an amateur writer – I only write for fun and personal entertainment. I’ve never been published and don’t really have any aspirations to get that far. I just like making stuff up. :)
    I’ve also found I tend to have a dark outlook in my writing. It seems my inner cynic is the one holding the pen.

    “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.” — Molière

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    Joined September 2009 and calls Ath's Ashes home.

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    Joined September 2009.

    58 stories, 3 challenges, 1231 comments, and 278 friends

    “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” ~Stephen King

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    Joined October 2009 and calls Psi Academia home.

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    Copy-editor who sometimes tries to pass himself off as an actual writer. Fan of genre fiction and eternally mocked for it at the workshops…

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    Joined August 2009 and calls Simple Question, Complicated Answer home.

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    I am a nerd who loves to write, tinker, star gaze, navel gaze, plan for Armageddon, and raise remarkably strong-willed, inquisitive children in the company of the only woman who laughs at enough of my jokes.

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    Joined September 2009 and calls EOGamer home.

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    14 years old. I remember the original ficlets, hehe, and am eager to use its newer iteration, NOT dictatored over by AOL. I might post a little of my old stuff here, but most likely will be writing newer things. I write reviews for, however, it is not really my site. But I shall post it there anyway, whynot. Anyway…. okay…. good, bye bye.

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    Joined September 2009.

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    I guess this will do.

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    The Full Metal Chicken

    Joined February 2010 and calls full metal chicken eggs home.

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    Seriously I can only write 1024 here too.

    Well I’ve been writing for myself and others for a few years now and always seemed to either write too much or too little to make any kind of format work correctly. And when I found out about Ficly (Thank you Wil Wheaton) It seemed perfect. 4 stories in and 10 drafts in the works I know it is.

    Most of my stuff is badly written I know that. But the idea’s are right.

    I’ve found an editor to wrangle the words in with all the right punctuation. But proofreading and the other things that I never learned after years of English class I have yet to fix or find someone who can either keep up with my work pace or treat my babies (writing) with the right mix of punishment and respect.

    I write what makes me laugh and generally only put an hour into each piece. Never expect greatness from my work just something funny or something to put a smile on your face. I write for fun never to offend.

    Thank you and please enjoy.

    PS I’m keeping these last 3 characters for my own HA.

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    LK Bradford

    Joined May 2010.

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    I am just an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary town. There is nothing really remotely special about me.

    When I was younger, I used to make up a bunch of stories that I have forgotten over the years, but, when I’m lucky sometimes a story pops into my head, and then it takes a while, but I eventually get it written down.

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    Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    Joined July 2009 and calls An Eloquent Mess (My Blog) home.

    157 stories, 11 challenges, 1072 comments, and 98 friends

    I’m an English Major at ODU in Virginia, working to become a professional author.