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My screen name is a pun. Ask me what it means.

I am a young women who like to write. Anything else, you will have to ask about.

My stories are supposed to be added on to, by the way. This is supposed to be an interactive site.


  1. Shall I, or shall I not?

    I put the hat on, and then, I go up to the store clerk. “Hey, nice hat you have on.” “Thanks. Can I buy it?” “Sure, but you’ll have to take it off!”

  2. The first therapy appointment after

    I sat across my music therapist. Usually, this is supposed to help me socialize, and ironically, think of things other than music. Today, it was to help me cope with your death. My therapist was trying to get me to socialize with him. He was utterly fa...

  3. The crisis line

    Kelly drove home from work. She was so upset, she could barely concentrate on the road. Her tears stung her eyes, and blurred her vision. She kept thinking about Mike. She stepped into her apartment building, went up to the her floor, and went into her...

  4. The Deer

    It was dark at night, and slippery as well. I was the lucky one. The deer, frozen by instinct, was standing shock still in my headlights. I couldn’t stop for the deer. I was going way too fast. I had to go home quickly. My wife needed me. When I was ...

  5. Just a guy after all

    She was beautiful. The way she swung her hips back and forth, her soft brown hair and eyes contrasting with white skin, the Irish lilt with which she spoke when she ordered her coffee. I wanted to just bask in her glory, but who was I do that? I was, a...

  6. Jealousy

    Jealousy is throbbing hurt in your chest, festering away, making you want to go out and hurt someone even worse because they have it better than you.

  7. The killer sun

    Here I stand, blistering hot, my blistered body sunburned and dehydrated, my lips chapped, my joints aching, my head throbbing. Every so often, I send an SOS signal using my ham radio, my frazzled mind forgetting that help is coming, slowly but surely....

  8. The view around me

    To my direct left, there is my dresser. It has a pile of CDs, books, a coin coffee cup ,a few stuffed animals, a radio, and some pictures around and on it. There are some clothes hanging out of it, but not much. Right beside it is a bed and a closet, w...

  9. The magical hat

    Once, there a magical hat. It was made out of some sort of fabric that nobody but hippies knew about, which was varying colors of dark gray-green. It had a brim over that went over eyes, and a magical secret pocket hidden inside of it. The magical hat ...

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