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  1. Retainer to Repose

    Eschatronic, a major arms research and manufacture facility just outside the city. Armed with only a katana, I wait in the shadows for the guards to change shifts. Yes, I was responsible for the attacks on the Gruinard Corporation and Pandeo Technologi...

  2. Interrogation at High Noon

    My eyes follow his hand as it reaches down to his holster. Some might say his movements are fast, but I can still track them; they aren’t fast enough. I watch as his hand grips his Colt, and begins to yank it out of the holster. As I said, not fa...

  3. Focus Fire

    Three seconds. I stare across at “Kedge” Clawson. Small fellow, but steady as a rock. My hands are trembling. At this point I don’t even remember why we’re out here, ready to shoot each other in front of the saloon. All I know i...

  4. Flushed Out

    “Fold” I announce, throwing away a hand of four Jacks and a King. I’ve been on a hot streak all night. Problem is, Haunch has been staring me down, no doubt suspecting me of cheating. Of course, last time I was playing a game with him...

  5. Two-second Bubbles

    Brian woke up with a jolt, a film of saliva covering the left side of his mouth. “Five minutes until the end of class,” Mr. Faulkner announced. “I’ll be collecting your tests at that time.” Tests? Brian very clearly rememb...

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