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i like to write stuff. mostly short prose, some songs, some poetry. based mostly on my experiences growing up po’ white in michigan.


  1. texting angry

    It was a full half of a day since I had sent my angry text, unloaded my digital rant, and a reply came back: “You don’t know me but I’m April’s sister. She had a terrible accident, a car wreck. She’s in a coma for the last...

  2. Home late

    Mark’s shitty truck is out front and I’m relieved and stressed at the same time. He’ll distract mom, that’s for sure. But he hears better than mom, too, he might hear me coming in. The door to the basement in back is unlocked, t...

  3. She heals

    We ride the ferry to the dock as we’ve done a thousand times, though she seems so different now, almost oblivious to my presence. We’re separate passengers. As the shore looms closer she steps to the rail and looks at the shore, eyes linger...

  4. Out of gas (Mature)

  5. The mirror

    I had sat in front of the mirror for longer than ever this time. Watching the shadowy figures pass by, some close to the glass, others farther away and blurry enough to almost not be there at all. I had waited with a sudden hope that this time the port...

  6. There's more (Mature)

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