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  1. Dust

    Time seemed to stretch on to the horizon, shadows grew long as the sun moved across it. The river had gone long ago as had the trees. Now there was scrub brush, and sand was beginning to pile up along the trail in small drifts. The air was warmer. Clem...

  2. The Road

    Darkness was decending upon the mountains as the three companions climbed up the side of the ancient rock wall. The stones were large oblong and old, and finding fingerholds was like trying to squeeze fingers between bricks set in a wall. Soon Ella w...

  3. The Knife

    The Gypsy took a step towards Clemens and stared deep into his brown eyes. “The knife and the Presence are intertwined. To know about the knife, you must ask your… ‘Guest’ the questions.” Clemens smelled something on her b...

  4. A Blackness continues 4

    Dark shadows creep across the gently sloped hillside, racing anti-light, mixing with the dark places under dead fall brush and stumps. The motor sounds are getting louder, and so I move back towards the forest true, dense though it be, it is my only t...

  5. A Blackness continues 3

    I ran down the gently sloping hills taking huge galloping strides, jumping from sawed off tree stump to dirt pile, bounced over large dead limbs taking half the hills distance in a minute or two… then I stopped, and ducked down behind a burn pile...

  6. A Blackness continues 2

    “You should leave though,” she said, and looked around at the treetops, and the darkening sky, “There are people up here these days that do things that they don’t want people to see, so take my advice….” She stood u...

  7. A Blackness continues

    I stop again and listen, nothing but bird calls, creek sounds of trickling water, and some frogs on the wind, so I walk again up the trail. Over a dead-fall blocking the path, up towards my small home made trail that only I know. “Your trespassi...

  8. A Blackness

    I stand on the soft earth in the evenings dingy shadows, under the trees looking into the ferns and brush. Somewhere down there I hear movement, cracking twigs, the slush of wet leaves slowly rubbing against each other. I duck down under a cedar tree t...

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