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I’ve been a fan of reading books since childhood, and dreamed of writing them myself just as long. I’ve always had a rich, fertile, overactive imagination, though in recent years it has stagnated somewhat. I tried and failed multiple times to start stories that I hoped would “lead me to the big-time.” I’ve realized since then that trying to do such was unrealistic at best.
Anyway, my writing skills have rusted a fair bit since I last got a lot of use out of them, around my high school years. I’ve been trying to pick writing up again, now mostly just to keep the dream-filled fields of my mind satiated. I found this site through makeuseof.com. I’ve been part of things like this before, the one I last took a large a part in being one of AOL’s personal message boards in the mid-to-late 90’s. There was one like this there that I was on frequently. I hope to be an active participant here, so please bide with me as I shake the dust off. Also, if I’m stepping on any toes, please say so. Anywho, salutations!


  1. Beyond My World

    It’s dark and muddled, the view beyond hidden from my sight This window that lies before me, taunting me with it’s treasure. Resting behind it, this stoppered hole in what passes for my world, There is an universe I as of yet only dream of ...

  2. Living Like A Ghost

    When what I think and what I do does not change the things That happen around me, and to me, and those I care for Am I living like a man or am I living like a ghost Drifting in and out of the lives of my loved ones? Every time I touch something it seem...

  3. It's Gone

    I gaze into my mirror, yet what I see I cannot believe, is that really me? I do not see the greatly shining light That, once in another time, gleamed bright. In my young eyes there was once a fire It burned brightest when my need to inspire Great effor...

  4. What do you see?

    What do you see When you look at a tree What do you see Save a pile of logs Waiting to become A stack of papers Soon to come. Yet what do I see When I take a glance At that same old tree? I see a poor old soul That has seen as many years As there are ...

  5. So Why?

    I’m not mute and I never got the boot or the belt, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt pain every now and again I don’t have any screws loose upstairs or any bats in my belfry, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t wonder...

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