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    Chad Wright

    Joined May 2009 and calls Image Studios home.

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    I’m a husband and father living in Austin, Texas and hustling every day to help others. I own ImageStudios.tv where I do photography, design and writing.

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    E. Williams

    Joined June 2009 and calls My Bucket of Parts home.

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    When I use semicolons, I feel really smart. When I place a colon correctly, I feel unstoppable.

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    Joined August 2010.

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    When they close the book on me what will they say?

    To be honest, that book needs to be opened first and I’ve been a lackluster book owner thus far. The experiences that have defined this life have been wonderful and plentiful but I can’t shake the feeling that they will not truly ripen to full memories until they are committed to the page.

    Hands and fingers walk the mind’s talk and I’m supposed to pull the strings. A lethargic and procrastinating puppeteer willing his will to be stronger.