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  1. Death As Viewed From Space While Hurtling @ 27,000 MPH

    “How many tonight, my friend?” Dmitry’s Ukranian accent made the question sound more like a movie quote. The kind with Russian gangsters, fast cars, fast women, and a rocket launcher or two. “I count four more down: Columbus, De...

  2. Loneliness In A Cupboard

    I reached into the cupboard and pulled out four dishes today. It took me a minute to realize the mistake. It took me two hours to compose myself. The kids didn’t ask what was wrong. They gave me space. I hate to say it, but they have become used ...

  3. I Want To Hurt You

    You have rendered us impotent. I see the smiling faces on the young of your kind. They point at us. Some make faces that are intended to scare us. Right. I beat against the solid air and you jump back. Afraid. You recognize my power. Then I see it dawn...

  4. Now...how to get home?

    5 minutes ago, fate, luck, & divine intervention interceded on Ben’s behalf. He was not particularly religious, but that didn’t prevent him from saying a few Allahu Akbar’s & Thank You Jesus’s. 5 minutes ago, Ms. Hill wa...

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