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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Grounded

    We could always tell when he was really asleep. His slippers would slide off his feet, and the remote would drop from his grip. He slept sprawled on his stomach. He was so tall, his feet always dangled off the edge of the bed. We would tip-toe right up...

  2. Empty Nest

    After that eventful day we learned that Mallory was mostly right about Fenris. She had a knack for knowing what he wanted. His growth was quick, but so was his intelligence. He was talking within a month, just a few words. He was going out at night to ...

  3. Sure, No Worries!

    “Yeah, well I was in a hurry and dad won’t mind as long as it’s not a rabbit.” “I mind! And I think he minds!” She pointed at the cage. I turned to look at exactly the right moment. The sun peeked in the window and the rays lit right across...

  4. What To Feed It?

    Mallory stepped between the door and my determined advance. “Move!” “No! We can keep him! We can feed him rabbits or something! Don’t kill him! Please, Marcus? We don’t even know what he eats! Maybe we can teach him to be good! Please?” She...

  5. It Hatched

    It looked like a fruit bat had mated with an iguana. The flat face, bumpy skin and long barbed tail were only the background for the huge wings, pointy teeth, and large obsidion eyes. “I think it’s cute!” Mallory gushed. She ran towar...

  6. Blinded

    When the lights were on, life was vibrant. The people danced, colors swirled, music blared and smiles shone as bright as the glitter and sequins. The night was dark, but after the club closed we drove around, the crew attempting to keep the party going...

  7. Death 2

    I left the human world thinking I had helped this man, only to learn later that in his drunken state his mind warped what I had said. He lived with a determination to create a superior race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed humans. How stupid I was! So, now ...

  8. Death

    Firstly, I only exist in the Spirit World. I forget what dimention it is, 4th or 5th or something. No mere Human can find me! I only ventured into the human world once. It was a disaster! I was bored with the Spirit World, so I made myself visible to h...