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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Goodnight, Book

    With eyes barely open, Perchance to dream, Her head lowers slowly In moonlight’s beam. The book not yet tabled, Reader’s voice soft and low, The words unheard, Letters not in a row. A scene shifts and dances, on eyelids so heavy, Dreams mee...

  2. Silenced Tongue and Feigned Ignorance

    All I can think about is how close I may have come to ruining my life. Did I just barely squeak by with a silenced tongue at the right moment and feigned ignorance? In polite society, when bitter enemies are forced to work together, they do their best ...

  3. Radio Dial Thoughts

    Thoughts swirl in colors, sounds, emotions. This waking nightmare has me rocking in my chair. The chair is solid and stationary, but my body is not. Snippets of songs, bits of conversation, scenes that did happen or could happen, and the anger or fear ...

  4. New Semi-Life

    “Host 4630 is ready,” the extremely nice voice of the monitoring program announced as a green light went on over the pod. An arm reached and out and precisely gripped, lifted, and carried the pod forward to an awaiting docking bay with a pl...

  5. Lost Herself

    She shifted the photos around on her bedspread with a flat palm. All of them were snapshots of a childhood she did not remember. A sense of hopelessness washed over her. She was disappointed in herself. Why couldn’t she remember? She had studied ...

  6. Juggling

    She still had her eyes on all the balls, knew where to connect her hands to each one to keep it afloat. One was her family. She kissed and hugged, helped with homework, shared her day, but the house was falling into disarray and her bed seemed farther ...

  7. Deserted Island

    “We’re family.” Elise smiled up at the sweaty faces sipping coconut milk and looking grim. “We’re a motley crew,” growled the youngest male named Jeff who thought his life ended when the plane crashed. “We stil...

  8. Stars Are So Predictable

    She watched him sip his tea, his hair standing up at odd angles having just woken up. She smiled over her own cup. He gazed out the window at the puffy clouds in the sky. “It’s going to rain tomorrow,” he declared. “You are alwa...

  9. Truth in Paris

    Sometimes it’s nice to imagine you are loved. No, more than loved, cherished. Suzette closed her journal. From her hotel window, she could see the Eiffel tower. Wasn’t this a city of love? Yet, here she was, single, lonely, and day dreaming...

  10. Wallet

    She opened the box slowly. Inside were her father’s possessions he had on him the night he died: a pocket knife, a cell phone, handkerchief, loose change, and a wallet. She reached for the wallet, knowing it was the most dear to him and therefore...

  11. Letter to My Son

    It’s not every day you turn 10. I hope you had a great day. I hope you enjoyed your time. We only have so many hours on this Earth. Today was 24 of them. May you have sweet dreams. May you be inspired by your desires; by mine and your father̵...

  12. Letter to My Sister

    We used to play outside for hours, never seeing a car pass by. Our dogs and fields keeping us safe from the outside world. We’d ride bikes up and down the road for miles, avoiding the only neighbor kid if we could. Holidays were great, not just f...

  13. Manly Men Hug Teddy Bears

    “Teddy bears are awesome.” Simon clutched the fuzzy, soft, glassy-eyed bear to his chest. “For kindergarteners who are afraid of the dark, not for grown men.” Mike looked disgusted and embarrassed to be standing in the middle of...

  14. Change of Pace

    I wrote to you today, just a draft. It will be a while before I can send it. The snow did not fall today, just a cold wind blew. I know it’s warmer where you are. My work went well today, better than yesterday. I can’t tell you because you&...

  15. Harpies 3: Darkness

    The ninja released me from his cold stare. He took his position silently guarding the base of the tree I had to climb. As quietly as I could, I rose even higher above the cliff. The man below me disappeared in the growing darkness. I slipped the camera...

  16. In Stacy's Head

    They all stare. It’s not like I don’t notice. Some things are just not important to me anymore. Like staring. My birthday was yesterday, a Sunday. I got a new doll that rides a horse. I brought her to school. I unzipped my backpack and show...

  17. Dreams and Ghosts

    What if those faceless people you see in your dreams are really ghosts? Most of the time they just wander in and around, witnesses to your struggles, your triumphs, your emotions; longing to feel anything again. They press against your subconscious whe...

  18. Harpies 2: Observation

    Peering down from above, I could catch the harpies unawares. They hunted smaller game in the valleys of the great canyon. Perhaps the venomous snakes they sometimes were forced to eat, and were rumored to be immune, made them so testy. Or maybe it was ...

  19. Harpies

    I could hear them screeching before I crested the ridge. The crater walls below were littered with sac nests, a great easter egg hunt descending over 10 stories and stopping about three stories above the river valley. The din was maddening. Though a fe...

  20. Winding Down

    It’s a relief to realize you were making a much bigger deal out of things than was intended. The hot shower cascaded across my back, soothing the tension I held there all day. Sure, my new college classes were going to take some hours of work, so...

  21. In Which I Realize How Fortunate I Am

    I wheeled a young man to the nurse for a breathing treatment. I helped fill the medicine cup and worked to keep the mask on his face the whole time as he let his head flop around and grabbed at the mask to rip it off. He laughed half the time, while th...

  22. All I Can Manage is NonFiction, So Here is A True Story

    Today I was sat on by a kid who doesn’t realize he’s bigger than I am. I tried to distribute his weight evenly across both legs as I joked about how Santa must feel. When he rose, shortly thereafter, it took a good 200 heartbeats for my leg...

  23. Random Thoughts Regarding Money

    I dug in my purse for a pen. I don’t know how many times I have done this exact same dance. Why can’t they put pen loops in all purses? I sign the back of the check and get in line. Someone asked for their balance. It was not phenomenal. Ho...

  24. Wisps of Soul

    “The stars are pretty tonight.” “Yeah.” He was warm beside me, his length touching mine as we lay side by side on the trampoline in my backyard. The warm glow of the kitchen light shone through the window over the sink and cast ...

  25. Hot Chick's Best Friend

    Was that the cry of distress he’d dreamed of so many nights? Surely, his ears deceived him. A small knock sounded again at his front door. He tied his robe, not willing the girl of his dreams to be turned off by his less-than-perfect physique. He...

  26. It's a Cold Job, but Somebody Has to Do It

    On my lips the scent of cherries, smoothing over the rough spots that tingle and burn otherwise. The air is bitter cold, seeping in slowly through the layers of fiberfil in the name-brand coat I inherited from my cousin. I begin to bounce a leg in a fe...

  27. Heaven

    All I really want is to wrap myself in downy warmth. Enclose me in fluffy rabbit fur. Enshroud me in silent soft layers of light cottony stuff. The middle of a cloud, floating on air, light as a feather, nestling within. No noises to interrupt the flow...

  28. Debate Diet, or She Must Be Worth It

    “You can’t possibly believe the words of a pieced-together book, written by several men over centuries. The stories don’t even line up!” Granad scowled over his half-eaten sandwich. “I know there are juxtapositions, but ba...

  29. Someone has to hold the standard up high..

    I will not win this challenge. But I want to enter. Before me stands a white board with a couple New Year’s resolutions on it. I grab a marker and add ‘one Ficly a day’. Surely I can carve out 15 minutes of every day to write somethin...

  30. Advice Ad Nauseum

    A new year cometh, time to start afresh. Time for changes. Who knows what the future will bring? Just roll with the flow, or make waves. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Try something new. If you fall down, pick yourself back up. ...

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