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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Eliminating Middle Men

    The ink had not yet dried on the page when it was ripped from my hands. “This is it? This is all I need to defeat the entire Mayfield clan?” “Yes.” Her eyes were wild with triumph. She rolled the parchment into a scroll and stam...

  2. Summer Love

    sticky sweet hot and humid one hot mess your love for me dripping sweat heart beats hard heat up fast cool down slow poolside fun splash and giggle cumulonimbus cover the sky cleansing wind refreshing shower light touch quick and tickly shadow shade ca...

  3. Don't Worry About The Man Behind The Curtain

    For such a low tech entry, Mephisto was the high tech masterpiece we’d all imagined. When the door opened, a curved glass wall stood before us. The short hall running left and right was stuffy and walled in brushed nickel. Beyond the glass, arcs ...

  4. Honesty About Lying

    Honesty is a valued trait. We all want to be able to trust others. There is a safety in knowing that someone is treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Any mistreatment because you deserve it burns hot and fast. Forgiveness comes easier when yo...

  5. Nonsense

    Many things I do not know. Like how to speak in buffalo? Who invented marmalade? Ask the Duchess of Green Glade. What’s that in a chicken wire basket? I dunno, why don’t you ask it? Why must you rhyme all my words? How many pieces are in a ...

  6. What He'll Be

    “It’s a pig!/A flying pig!/He rides an elephant that flies!” sang my vibrant 5 year old. There are days when I really think he can do anything. I can’t imagine what he will be when he grows up. He learned to swim and likes to do...

  7. Wailing and Weeping

    Tuti and Ami took turns laying wet rags on their brother Lodo’s head and chest. They had sent their cousin to find the medicine man who was traveling to another village. Day after day Lodo grew worse. He did not eat, he did not cool off, and he s...

  8. Wet Tears In A Dry Spell

    “It’s dust on the road, Mark.” Mom reassured Dad as we neared our home. “No, look, it’s getting thicker.” Even my little brother had sensed the growing tension and strained forward against his seat belt to see. The d...

  9. Bullies

    They were best friends; had all the nice clothes, matching outfits, matching shoes, spent as much time at the other’s house as their own. Even their names rhymed, Abby and Ashley. I had a best friend, too, but we were pretty different. I led, she...

  10. Useless to Useful

    This camping trip was supposed to be all romantic. Why do things like this always happen? When I found the cabin I was hoping it was empty, but now that the zombies nearly brained my girlfriend and I, I’m glad it isn’t. We were all ducked d...

  11. Bored

    The rain did not come today. Grass crunched under my shoes, brown and withered. Gnats flew at my face, trying to drink the moist air from my mouth. The mailbox door creaked open, but nothing was inside. Sunshine beat down on my shoulders, the air unbel...

  12. Safecracker

    Beyond the elevator doors there were no cameras, no decor, just a space and a huge steel door. On each side of the door was a small box containing a flat screen button display. In the middle was a huge wheel, like a long-handled ship’s wheel. ...

  13. Longest Day of The Year

    Sitting on the back porch, the prairie grass inert and brown from the heat looks orange in the setting sun. Ice melts in my lemonade, the condensation drips over my fingers. Birds call out a final goodnight warning, some winging to nests, some settling...

  14. Awkward

    “Is there an inn or bed and breakfast or something?” It wasn’t particularly late, but it had gotten quite dark. I hated how it grew dark so early. My mother arrived home at that moment, pulling into the driveway and rolling down her window. “Ca...

  15. Dessert (Metaphorical Non-Fiction)

    Oh how we bribe ourselves! Sweet, luscious treats for a job well done. Something annoyingly trivial, mind-numbingly menial, repetitively monotonous? Give yourself a tasty morsel or a fun reward when you get through it! It’s not every day that you...

  16. Payback

    “There’s no getting away from us this time!” Benny chuckled as he swiped the shoes off the two bound and gagged members of the Green Arrows. Lacking the traditional power line to throw the shoes over bolero-style with laces tied toget...

  17. First 30 Minutes of My Day

    Way before the bell my first two students arrive. One is pushed in, yawning in his wheelchair, by a wide-eyed, over-anxious, but responsible classmate. “You’d better get to breakfast!” I gently goad. “I gotta get my journal out ...

  18. Zebra Chunks

    I was so sure the lioness had snapped my neck. The first thing I had noticed was the smell. Heaven shouldn’t smell like burning. Oh yeah, sacrifices. But those were so centuries ago. Then I heard a low humming. I thought angels sang and played ha...

  19. Elsha's Boys

    My two little boys are having a discussion over breakfast. The 9 year old is telling the 5 year old he will have his ‘golden birthday’ when he is 19 (his birthdate is the 19th). 5 year old asks about his ‘golden birthday’. The 9...

  20. Double Crossed

    The woman swerved quickly and stopped the van at a brown house with boarded up windows. She’d been driving way too fast, like there was a time limit on her errand. “This is what you made me do!” she shrieked. Then she punched the pass...

  21. Homecoming

    I gave you a huge hug. I didn’t even realize how much I had missed you, and needed you, until I saw you. I felt you squeeze me back with tenderness and disbelief that this hug was even possible. Sadly, impropriety meant the moment could not last....

  22. Whew! I'm Not Crazy!

    When I was completely surrounded by loving family members who would have supported me even if I decided to build a rocket to the moon in grandma’s backyard in one weekend, I often found myself thinking about death. Would they cry at my funeral? I...

  23. Unwelcome Guest

    Something clomped into my room. I stepped into my closet. Peering around long sleeves, I spied a little bearded faun. He sniffed the air for someone else. I followed him from my room to the study where my rotund and equally bearded uncle sat in his lea...

  24. Behind

    Behind Behind a day Behind the times Wishing, dreaming Behind closed eyes Hiding behind mother’s skirt Batting eyelashes coyly flirt Behind every fortune there is a crime Behind every smile there is a lie Behind the music there is VH1 Behind the ...

  25. Purity's Cost (Mature)

  26. Herd of Teenagers Stomp My Heart

    Loud laughter made me glance up. A small group of teenagers were prowling the streets, teasing each other the way only high school friends can. I recognized them as my ex-best friend Amelia, the class clown Todd, my crush to end all crushes Bryan, and ...

  27. Gypsy

    All I could see at first were her eyes. Two rich chocolate drops sized me up. The rest of her figure melted into the navy and violet satin curtains. She must have decided I had the coin I’d promised, because something in her eyes became intereste...

  28. Letters

    Everything is cloudy. I guess it’s possible for someone to set things up so that they keep happening even after they are gone; to haunt you. Or it could be coincidences. Still, I can’t decide if I am reading too much into these ‘coinc...

  29. How to Lose A Car

    Suspects are in a silver 2010 c300 last seen headed Eastbound on Canal The police radio was the best thing they ever boosted. “We gotta lose this car!” “Chill out, Felipe! I got this!” Marco turned sharply, zigzagging around the...

  30. A Serious Problem

    “You have a serious problem, Margie.” “No, I don’t.” Margie’s eyes stayed on the road as she made a lane change on the highway. “Yes, you do, and I’m going to show you.” Cecile grabbed for her CD ca...

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