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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Stomach Flu

    I pulled the blanket tightly around my feet, curled up under me in the recliner. My head pounded, my stomach turned somersaults, and everything ached. I wanted to close my eyes, but the pains would not let me sleep. In another hour I’d have to vi...

  2. Bookstore

    “Everything up to 80% off.” The wrinkled old lady sadly called at the tinkling of bell over her shop door. She looked up from applying red stickers over yellow ones on books with shiny new covers to see my familiar face. “Ah, Callie, ...

  3. Neverland?

    You know where my muse is? It’s between you and me. Every time I have a strong emotion, I write about it. You invoke feelings as a wizard speaks a spell. You are my Anubis, strong, silent, mine and not mine. Sometimes I am a goddess, together we...

  4. Ancient Destiny

    A new form, but still the same strong, sensitive, brilliant man inside. If he weren’t still sensitive, we’d not have taken shelter in this ruined temple. The human army was not strong enough to defeat the next monster, and neither was he. E...

  5. I'm So Dead, But So Is He, I Think

    You can’t kill a man when he’s dead. The lyrics taunt me and I smirk. It must look insanely out of place, but it may let me plead insanity in court for this. I glance up at the camera. I want it to catch this, because I don’t quite be...

  6. ideas pre-ficwrimo

    5 minutes more/just one thing/sunday school/satscene/questions/prayers/blanket of comfort/6th floor fire/hypocrites/revival/survival/miracles/zebra chunks/and that was just sunday/ working at school/cds out the car window/overheard while catering/kids ...

  7. Create!

    The artist paints The craftsman sculpts The writer scripts The designer pieces The musician harmonizes Whether you create One way or another The point is to do it And do it with flare Be you, be the essence of yourself Put your heart into it Move so t...

  8. Nothing But Dust

    Dust blew and settled, eerily green in the night vision cameras. Dust storms were common in the barren land. Though they must wreak havoc to anything caught in them, they often blew important bits of debris into the collection grids for the scientists ...

  9. Slump

    In my chair Barely breathin’ air Wantin’ to sit Throwin’ a fit Don’t mess wit’ me Leave me be Must de-stress Hair all a mess Chocolate moustache Bloodshot to my eyelash’ Def’ not gettin’ my jump on Becaus...

  10. Sunrise Over Pompeii

    “Brigida, my love, wake up!” “What is it?” “Sunrise!” “Mmf.” “Sunrise over Pompeii! We made it!” Brigida stood up from her pallet on deck, “Thank the gods!” She squinted slightly ...

  11. Dirty Work

    “Listen, only the chief of security has the code..” She tittered a tinkly two-note giggle that sent chills down my spine. “Oh no, it’s not about the money,” she whispered, leaning back to stare down at the room attendant s...

  12. The Cost of Gasoline

    You can tell this is the cheapest gas station in town, cars idle two deep behind the current fortunate filler at each pump. When it’s my turn I exit and swipe my card, select the grade, and squeeze the handle. Numbers spin recklessly before my ey...

  13. Chaos part two (A dream I had)

    I needed to find the rest of my class. I was responsible for them, but I also needed to glean what information I could for the students taking refuge here with me. As the only adult, it was my responsibility to keep them safe. Screams and running came ...

  14. Chaos part one (A dream I had)

    I herded my students into the gymnasium. Half the school was already in there. The noise would upset my class of special needs students, but this was for their safety. The ancient gym had huge windows on the end like some sort of converted airplane han...

  15. If You Have To Shoot Your Own Grandmother..

    click The video ended with a push of the remote. The stern police chief looked quite sinister with his grim expression as he stepped in front of the screen. “Gentlemen, this video was recovered from the 600 block of Maplewood, inside the now deci...

  16. This Is Not The Droid You Are Looking For

    Having Acrylic under the white sheet with a fake guard (Daemon) and I following behind in a stolen lab coat (thanks to a forward thinking underground member who filched it from the warehouse room) made us appear to be presenting a top secret test droid...

  17. Transition

    After the initial sting of the needle, the numbness that overtook her body was relief. It was as if there was nothing to worry about. Ever. The last moments of her consciousness were devoted to turning her head to see her sister in a matching hospital ...

  18. Announcement

    “This year, you may sign up with a sibling or relative.” There was a gasp from the crowd. Never before had they allowed pairings. This meant that two teens from a family would risk their lives for the better good, but the family would get d...

  19. Ticket to the Top

    “The results are in, Governor.” A bespectacled young man in a stained lab coat eagerly held out the manilla envelope to Zellar. The governor calmly glanced towards his desk and back up to the grinning face of the upstart. The grin faltered ...

  20. The Only Escape

    He was beautiful, perfect, ten toes, ten fingers, and strong. Holding him made her forget for just a brief moment the danger lurking in the woods around her home. The men discussed even now how the tribe should handle it. Ultimately, her husband would ...

  21. Lambs to Slaughter

    “And who was right about the bomb?” my mother nagged when I tried to question her authority. “Gramps,” I sighed. “Listen to your elders, Noelle. They are the ones who know best. Now, you will wear your hair up like a young...

  22. Love Needs Honor

    The world on other side of the grate was upside down. She had to invert herself to stand. Her armor shone in the bright sun, her faithful steed snorted a welcome. Rolling green hills dotted with flowers, shade trees, warm breezes, and white stone castl...

  23. Clouds Make Rainbows When We Shine

    I stared at the lettering on the brochure, “It’s The Choices That Make Us Who We Are.” As I sat in the lobby, I thought about all the choices I had made in my life. Those were all effects, responses. I didn’t choose my parents, ...

  24. Ulterior Motive

    His words flashed up inside the chat box: Don’t think I don’t know you have an ulterior motive! She gave a maniacal laugh: Muahahaha! Then he signed off. At first she was feeling elated that the convo ended on a high note, plus she had gott...

  25. I Want to be Aunt Meg

    When I ran away from home at the age of 9 with a Barbie suitcase, I went to her house. When I and 3 of my best friends needed a place to sleep off a party, we crashed at Aunt Meg’s. When I showed up at 2AM, soaking wet with nothing but the clothe...

  26. Inspiration: Muse

    My muse is emotional. It comes and goes on hormone tides. It reacts to events, braided in my hippocampus, giving words to my plights and flights of fancy. Like some long involved game of telephone it twists images, sounds, glimpses of details around ot...

  27. Unanswerable

    Education system’s failing. Whose fault is it, yours or mine? Is it the poor people Or poor teachers under attack? Why can’t the students achieve? Why aren’t they motivated to succeed? Is it the video games Or the bullying? Shall we c...

  28. Three Fingered Man

    I switched the old fashioned tape recorder off. The man stopped shrieking, but curled into a ball over the dynamite in his vest, sobbing, with his hands over his ears. Jonas knelt beside him and I ran to help. “Let me help you!” Jonas tugge...

  29. Abducted

    I had a friend who used to keep me up late at night talking. We plotted and planned escapades of fantasy among the stars, the sea, behind mirrors, and through time. Some horrible things happened; life interrupted our fanciful dreams, leaving them half ...

  30. Condemned

    Tears flowed, but she kept her sobs silent. She didn’t want to wake the others. How could she have let herself down like this? Why did she do it? At the time it felt so right. But she knew if she got caught, this was the kind of punishment she wo...

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