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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Ain't Like It Used To Be

    It wasn’t fast. No one overthrew the government and made a bunch of crazy laws. It crept in slowly, testing the waters, trying things out, tentatively stepping, looking for solid ground to stand on. First, it was okay to be better in some way tha...

  2. Mundane

    My mom had fixed pork chops in the pressure cooker. They were chewy, leathery, and dry. I dashed a bit of salt over my chop and my green beans, straight from the can and boiled in water. The mashed potatoes, made from instant flakes without measuring, ...

  3. Emo Mood Freewrite

    it’s hard to write when you miss your friends when they were the muses and life of your words it’s hard to write when every hour is spent working when coming home there is barely time to eat and sleep it’s hard to write when your hear...

  4. Lessons in Perspective

    “The effort, the preparations, all the expense! Oh Gandamel, you shouldn’t have!” “For you, my lady, no expense shall be spared.” The wizard bowed like a gentleman. Young Lady Muriel giggled. “I give you truth in the...

  5. Ringling and Pavlov's Cirque De Freaks

    The ticket man smiled as he stamped my hand. His mouth said ‘have a nice time’. I smiled back and turned to the red and yellow striped tent flap opened by a floating, white-gloved hand. The glove connected to a tall man in the shadows who s...

  6. Finding A Scapegoat

    It had been too peaceful for too long. The people came to the High Priestess with petty complaints and questions about where things come from. When they had forgotten what their place was, they became feisty, squabbling with their neighbors instead of ...

  7. A Park, Madness, and A Cell Phone

    Where are you? “I’m at the park. They see me.” Back away slowly. “They aren’t grizzly bears!” You can’t use your powers here! “Why not?!” You’ll provoke them! “Please, I just want it ove...

  8. Overreaction

    Thunderclouds raged above her head, her heels stabbing lightning into the tile as she marched into the third grade classroom. The carpet quieted her steps, angering her even more. She was a storm, she was powerful and her anger was going to move mounta...

  9. If It Weren't For the Retinal Scan..

    Daemon stepped through the doorway, now wearing the jumpsuit of a MegaCorp foot soldier. Fetus moved the droid into position. A scanner bot electronically frisked them, standard procedure for the changing of the guard, beginning at the toes. It reached...

  10. Taken

    Taken. That’s what I should have been named. I was everyone’s alibi and no one’s friend. I was used, abused, and thrown out like an empty milk carton. My face was the picture on the side, black and white and fake smiling. I slid to th...

  11. Mr. Calloway's Cats

    Mr. Calloway had seven cats. The cats were all older and slept all day, much like their owner. Being a cat lover, and noticing one of them meowing in the hall, Carly approached his apartment and knocked. No answer. After a couple minutes, her cell phon...

  12. And We're Live on the Scene with the Dead

    “Isn’t this against the law?” Laney fired off another argument to get me to give up my mission, but she refused to leave me alone out here. “We’ll just set up over here by the fence.” I lugged my gear atop the low st...

  13. Book Now for Savings!: The Truth

    “Ew! That’s so gross!” Mindy looked at her yogurt as if it were the culprit, stabbed her spoon inside, and pushed it away from her across the table. “What do you mean? That’s the complete opposite; everything’s CLEAN...

  14. Should Have Worn Pants

    Cree stood in her new green pea coat, dancing from foot to foot in the brisk breeze. Tiny snowflakes swirled above her head, but melted before they reached the ground. She anxiously glanced in the faces of the couples and groups hurrying from their car...

  15. Stuck Inside, Outside

    A brisk wind had sailed in from the sea. The tourists had all gone back to their hotels and timeshares and the beach was empty, save for me. I sat on the sand as it blew around my legs in the rising gales. At times it stung my eyes, but not as much you...

  16. Collective Gasp

    Fetus snapped the panel back into place in the rear of the droid. “Phase one complete,” she announced while returning her earrings and picking up her gun. Daemon zipped the suit, two of the lackeys caressing his pecs until Hard Drive growle...

  17. Final Goodbye

    I waited at the pier for months. Every day I wandered down there at noon, just like you said. The first few weeks, I’d convinced myself that you had been delayed, or ran out of money, or had an emergency. I knew you wouldn’t call because y...

  18. Only I Remember

    The room is suffocatingly silent. Dust has begun to settle on everything. In the corner sits the chair that once was filled with a large woman who just kept on drinking and cursing, doing no one any harm. Around her huddled a large group who laughed lo...

  19. Lady Elshanor of Hawk Manor Arrives Fashionably Late

    The wild cheering died down and an awkward lull in the action left the audience mumbling. Champions fidgeted slightly, glancing along the line, counting the participants. It was exactly the kind of confusion and cover the Lady preferred. Dark hair brai...

  20. In The Dark

    I admired the hefty weapon. Even turned off, the sabretaser could be used to knock someone senseless. Concealed in the bottom was a spring loaded knife, so in a pinch one could flip it over and stab an enemy. I wondered if it would cut through fibergla...

  21. The Identity That is John Holland

    John Holland, or so he had named himself, posted his best lines of marketing on fiction sites all over the web. ‘You have to reach the people where they are at,’ his marketing director had coached him. He sat back in his chair and stretched...

  22. Climactic Battle Scene

    The battle, even though it started out as a rough, unexpected ambush was starting to look like we might just win. I heard a strange whooshing and spied a cloud-like shadow crossing the battlefield. Looking up, the sky was nearly filled with creatures p...

  23. Dreams Ended By Memories

    Adrenaline coursing, I sat, a permanent smile on my face, taking in every word of praise from my fans. My hand had long passed cramping and was going numb with every signature I penned inside the covers, across posters, on the fans themselves.. This wa...

  24. Seventh Black Jester of Uniqueness

    I stood still so as not to jingle the bells at the pointy ends of my floppy hat. My eyes alone wandered around the throne room at those wearing silks, lace, buttons, and dyes only slightly duller than my own brightly patched frock. Some ladies’ f...

  25. Game On

    “Once we secure the guard and drone, we’ll signal you to seal the passage.” The last of the instructions flowed out before a sudden lump caught in my throat. I busied myself unnecessarily checking the safeties on the guns I carried to...

  26. We're Going In

    With a few details finalized, we left the council tunnel and were invited to a meal in the dining hall. An old subway station was littered with odd tables and chairs; it’s murky tile and cement floor as clean as it would ever get. “A common...

  27. Plans for Distraction and Good Reception

    “It happens to be more complicated than that.” Acrylic looked at the girl still giggling into Hard Drive’s feather boa. "His I.D. card can get us quickly and silently up to the first floor, but not beyond. She perked up, “I...

  28. Plans, Guards, and Drones, Oh My!

    Acrylic began to add a few x’s to the schematic as I explained. “Like all paranoid moguls, he has posted both a human and a drone at each entrance.” “Too easy! We can drop them with sabretasers,” boasted one of the twins, ...

  29. ...Sinker!

    A short, round man slammed his cane onto the tabletop. “I ain’t no candidate! I came down here to avoid being prey, and you all want to go marchin’ into the lion’s mouth!” “Shortcut, we will put it to a vote, as we a...

  30. Hook, Line, and...

    “Great Scott! You were the one who hacked into our systems?!” C:\’s face was one of shock. Had his hair not already been white.. “You are a mere child!” Despite his expressive and loud personality, C:\ was a great leader, ...

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