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My name is Emi. I welcome any constructive criticism because I know I need it. I love to read and write, among many other things.


  1. The Princess' Flight

    A lonely princesses stands at the top of a tower, hundreds of feet off the ground. She’s not sure if it’s safe to jump—the ground is littered with miscellaneous items. Clothing, shoes, and books lie everywhere. “Come ON!” ...

  2. In Case of Emergency

    I looked around, desperately searching for an escape route. After all we’d been through, it seemed ridiculous that this was going to be how it all ended—we were trapped in a car, drifting slowly to the bottom of a river. A river that just s...

  3. no more

    dum. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. I can sense my sanity straining at the seams of my psyche. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. My brain is battered, becoming a bunch of broken bits. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. da-da-da-dum. My toes...

  4. Bad Habits

    Procrastination can be a dangerous game if you aren’t careful. Time will just fly by, slipping through your fingertips before you notice. Then it’s panic time. You’re scrambling to finish, well, everything.

  5. Salvage Duty (4)

    I pick it up, and it nearly blinds me. I close my eyes and wait for it to go out again. When I can see again, I notice tiny cracks forming along the side. I’ve seen a lot of odd things, but cracking rocks ain’t one I’m familiar with. They grow wi...

  6. Salvage Duty (3)

    Something catches my eye—only for a moment, but it was there, a glimpse of light in the darkness. I may be a bit unstable, but I can still tell the difference between reality and whatever else is out there. I turn slowly in the direction the ligh...

  7. Salvage Duty (2)

    They made it sound like they were doing me a favor. Two years on salvage duty instead of twenty in the Cage. A breeze, right? I’d figured after what I’d been through, with the war and all, I’d be fine. But the war was nothing compared to ...

  8. Salvage Duty

    It’s been five hours since I saw daylight. To be honest, the darkness is starting to get to me—I’m seeing things circling me, even though my scanner’s trying to tell me I’m alone. If there’s one thing I’ve lear...

  9. Reawaken

    I look at the small orange bottle on my nightstand. Hopefully I will get a decent amount of sleep tonight. Within five minutes I’m out like a light… It’s late, and I’m hungry. I go out into the hall, and see a sign: FREE DONUTS ON ROOF! This is...

  10. Flu season

    One day I woke up quite sickly, it happened so very quickly! Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, Staying well through flu season’s tricky!

  11. Alone

    Hello…? No answer. No one’s home. The doors are locked, All the windows shut tight. You hear someone whisper your name. All the windows shut tight. The doors are locked. No one’s home. No answer. Hello…?

  12. <3

    (-.-)…zzzz… !! _____ (o.-)… !!{^ _ ^}!! _____ (o.-)… !!{^ _ ^}!! _____ (O _ O) { > _ > }?? _____ (O _ O) { > _ > }?? _____ (o _ o#)… { > _ > }?? _____ (#o _ o)… {^ _ ^} _____ (#o _ o)… {^ _ ^}...

  13. True Love

    I look up from my book as she walks into the room and joins me on the bed. “Hey sweetie, what’s up?” I ask, folding down the corner of the page and placing the book on the nightstand. Instead of answering, she cuddles closer. “I...

  14. Midnight

    Twelve The countdown starts, Eleven Can you hear? Ten The sound like darts Nine Filling you with fear. Eight There’s no escape, Seven From this hell. Six Monsters, jaws agape. Five Can you hear the bells? Four Chills go down your spine, Three Doom th...

  15. Super Pickle

    Walking down the street, I lift my arm to shield my eyes from the searing brightness of the sun and look up at the looming billboard before me. Years of bleaching by UV rays and biting winds scouring the surface with sand had left the words nearly ille...

  16. Staring at the Sreen

    My name is Emi. I can’t think of anything. So I’ll just sit here.

  17. A Screen at which to Stare

    Emi. That is me. In my head there are no thoughts. So sit here I will.

  18. Community Bonding

    “SILENCE!!” Banging his gavel on the podium, the mayor slowly restored order to the room. “The matter is closed for discussion until next week’s meeting, when we will revisit it with clear heads.” Despite audible grumbles ...

  19. Nothing is Impossible

    Please, the note read, you have to help me. I’m desperate. He looked up at the girl sitting across from him. She was looking down, picking at her nail polish, avoiding eye contact. He cleared his throat. “Are you sure you want to try this? ...

  20. My Love...

    I need to write a sonnet about you, but honestly I don’t know where to start. When skies are grey, you make them seem so blue, I trust you with all of my fragile heart. They say that eyes are windows to the soul, If that’s the case, your so...

  21. Caught Blue-handed

    The thief crept cautiously over the patio, muttering to himself. “Step on the crack, break your mother’s back. What a terrible thought! I love my mother.” When he reached the back door, he was delighted to find it unlocked. “Sam...

  22. Average Alice

    Average Alice had some friends; Not too many, not too few. She also had a decent car; Not too old, not too new. She liked reading books; Not too short, not too long. And enjoyed coffee; Not too weak, not too strong. She liked music; Not too quiet, not ...

  23. Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

    Dear Diary, I hate camping. It’s dirty, and there’s no wifi. How am I supposed to keep track of what my friends are doing? They are, like, totally going to think I died. Ugh. My dad decided we need more “family bonding,” so now ...

  24. The End (#30)

    The path has been rough, but the journey was fun. NaFicWriMo was like taking my brain for a run. I’m glad it’s over, I must admit. There were many late-night writing fits. Some stories were good, some, less so. Some were quite terrible, I ...

  25. A Modern Fairytale (#29)

    Once upon a time, a long long time ago… It was only a few weeks ago, to be honest. There lived a beautiful princess. Princess my foot. Her dad just made some good investments, that’s all. However, an evil witch was jealous of her beauty. Th...

  26. Travel (#28)

    Travel: – verb (used without object) 1. to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship Travel may be just a word. But it implies so much more. New sights. New scents. New foods. New friends. Travel.

  27. Royal Treatment (#27)

    “Dr. Boston, I presume?” The attendant checks her clipboard, but the doctor brushes past impatiently. “How about we deal with the technical stuff after I save the queen?” “Oh, of course. Right this way.” Flustered, s...

  28. Occupational Hazards (#26)

    “I know it can work. It just needs a little… oh, I don’t know. Something.” He wipes his hands on his lab coat, and turns to look at his assistant. She’s busy picking up the last bits of a broken test tube from an earlier f...

  29. One Last Snack (#25)

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” I squeezed out a tear. Poor Frank, or whoever it was. People are so different alive, and funerals are all the same. As I pondered the implications of this, a boy came and sat by me. “Who are you?&...

  30. Last Hope (#24)

    As night falls, so does the city. Skyscrapers have become monolithic torches, illuminating the destruction with a hellish, flickering glow. Rubble fills the streets, making it nearly impossible to navigate the demolished highways. The enemy troops have...

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