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    Sage Autumn

    Joined December 2011.

    43 stories, 4 challenges, 62 comments, and 17 friends

    Just a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve!

    BE VICIOUS, Critique me, I won’t cry!
    From nothing, to greatness, that is my goal!

    As a poet, I am trying to enter into a new realm -story writing…
    “This is me at my most masochistic”

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    Joined October 2011.

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    I’m from Portland, Oregon and I like coffee. A lot. Much more than I like the rain.

    Beyond that, I wanted to get back in the habit of writing fiction instead of reports or specifications. At least until I win the lottery.

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    Joined November 2010 and calls Sakkeru home.

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    I’m me.

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    In Night's Arms

    Joined December 2009.

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    I write poetry. Just poetry. One thing I’m trying to do is write about acts, things, people. Instead of emotion, mostly because I’m just tired of it.

    I never quite know how to comment on stories , seeing as I don’t have a firm grasp of what’s involved. If I try and look silly, well, sorry.
    But anyway. I write because I love it. Not because I’m good at it, or looking for praise, just because I love it.

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    Funky Chunky

    Joined February 2012 and calls Carl Nielsen's Hub of Stuff home.

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    Always feel free to write sequels or prequels to my stories. I love reading where other writers take my ideas.

    I was born in 1961 (old codger). I started writing for fun over Christmas 2011. I was recommended Ficly by a friend (thanks, Malc!). Done a few crazy things in my time (and a few sensible ones…like marrying Jan and fathering my three daughters).

    Amongst the crazier ones are: appearing in Robot Wars (UK series 3); recording an album; having 5 wisdom teeth removed (yes 5!); meeting the drummer from Split Enz at his home in New Zealand and buying a fuzzbox he designed…