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    Joined May 2009 and calls WIL WHEATON dot NET: in Exile home.

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    I’m just this guy, you know?

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    Phil Plait

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    I’m an astronomer, blogger, author, skeptic, and a few other things. I am dabbling here for fun. And practice.

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    JC Tovil

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    ‘On a cold and grey Chicago mornin, a poor little baby child is born… in the ghetto"
    That child is me and now, here I am.
    I dabble in writing though I have no clue what I’m doing. But when I read, it’s like a movie in my head. And sometimes, while reading your ficly, the movie continues in my head and then I write it down, ie. sequel.
    I like to write from other POVs, mainly due to my inability to focus on one character but at least it makes it interesting. Just like me.

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    THX 0477

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    Dr. Tim’s Neurotic Rules of Ficly Life

    [Disclaimer: This is not intended to be binding nor in any way an expectation of general members of Ficly, league members, family members or wearers of Member’s Only jackets]

    1. Comment to Story posting ratio must exceed 5:1. Goal is 10:1. In other words, I write a story then find five others (at least) upon which to comment before writing another.

    2. For every solo shot or sequel of my own material, I must write a sequel or prequel to the work of another author. If I’m going easy on myself, participating in a challenge also fulfills this requirement.

    3. If someone comments on one of my stories, I go find one of theirs upon which to comment. It only seems fair, and I like to think it encourages commenting.

    4. Awesomeness is the goal, always. Call me on it when I fail, please.

    5. Clearly mark mature content and err on the side of caution.

    6. Golden Rule remains in effect for all sequels, prequels, and comments.