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  1. Birthday surprise

    “Hello, my name is God but you can call me dad” the old man smiled benevolently at the intoxicated man before him “Wow, you’re either a bad comedian or a drunk nut-job who somehow got past the security” The drunk 20 year o...

  2. Awakening

    Dark clouds rumbled above me as lightning struck the sides of the cliffs, boulders crashed towards me. Ignoring everything I ran down the desolate canyon, this was all too familiar now, the only true terror left here was the thing that I knew was chasi...

  3. Drift by

    If when you look into the sky And see a bird drift by on high Think of me and my final hour And hope that bird drifting is me

  4. Smoke

    Oily smoke coiled lazily around the running figure’s legs as their frantic panting echoed around the small alleyway. The endless clatter of running feet sounded from somewhere in the distance, and the figure gave a small whimper. They stumbled, s...

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