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  1. Airway

    Simon was passing sand from a clenched fist to an open palm below. Jamie was waxing lyrical about his girl. It was warm and comfortable sat in the sand, these two best friends basking in each others company. Jamie pulled a picture of his girl out of hi...

  2. Silence

    He must not have heard the bullet crack from the snipers rifle. “Stay awake, stay awake, sir. sir everything is going to be ok”

  3. He Killed Love

    He had walked amongst the angels and gods. With one flick of his wrist he destroyed everything that stood infront of him. Through all the terror and destruction he only cared about one thing, the heart he had broken.

  4. The Audience

    The spotlight shone on his face. His act had finished. He looked down at them, he saw the contented look on their faces. “Job well done” he whispered. “Step away from the scene” a voice boomed from the surrounding patrol cars. H...

  5. Headache

    Damn this was like no headache he had ever felt. He crashed to the ground. He could feel a warm sensation flood his face. He pawed at his face, sticky and red his hands fell to the ground.

  6. Whisper

    He leaned over and whispered in my ear “I do not know why, but I do not think I have long for this life”. I never heard from him after that conversation. The nurse said it was my conscious saying I was scared of the image of my father passi...

  7. Blue Ripple

    I sat on the floor and looked up. I could not make out the faces, they were distorted and shimmered down at me. Bubbles floated up into the sky. My lungs filled with water on what would be my last intake of breath.

  8. Birthday

    She asked him “well what have you got for my Birthday?” He flashed back “well now that will be a surprise” A surprise it would be, as she would not be participating in her next birthday celebration.

  9. The Writer

    He started to type out his Ficly. This time instead of hitting publish he put it in drafts. Why? Well the noise next door was so loud he had to check it out. He came back and started back on his Ficly. Now he was annoyed. The blood from his fingers lef...

  10. Check The Encyclopedia

    He could not believe how long it was. It was hard but smooth to the touch. He felt compelled to give it a real good blow. “Hold on” he whispered “let me check the encyclopedia” Yep he was right, that was the correct way to hold ...

  11. Cold Snickers - Try Reading This Fast

    He laughed to her “I love cold Snickers”. She was in mid smile when a passing woman slapped him and shouted “perv!” “what?” he quipped. “You should not talk about a woman’s knickers” she answered. &...

  12. Heartache

    Ben took her coat, he wondered to the hallway. Once he had left her sight, he pressed the coat against his lips. It was still warm from the heat of her body and smelled wonderfully of her. He hung the coat and strolled back into the living room. He gaz...

  13. Gunshot

    He had never heard a gunshot before. He held his stomach. His hands felt nice and warm as the blood oozed out of him.

  14. Boo

    He sat quietly, plans of how the attack would unfold were spiking through his mind. She walked in. “Boo” he shouted as he leapt from behind the bed. He looked as the horror subsided from her face and her beaming beautiful smile flashed at h...

  15. Guinness Fart

    She sat on the sofa with a face of thunder. A thud came from upstairs followed by “oh crap” She heard the top of the stairs creak. “well he has made it up” she muttered tight lipped. An unholy noise of thudding and banging follo...

  16. Drunk Frog

    He was staggering across the lawn. He was trying so hard to keep in a straight line. Gravity got the better of him and sent him crashing to the lawn. He felt the cool dew laden grass against the side of his face. The last blurred image that played on h...

  17. The Itch

    It was really annoying him. The itch on his fingers was starting to drive him mad. He knew he should have washed the drying blood off his hands.

  18. Encore

    He basked in the glow of the applause. What an audience. He could feel the heat from the spotlight on his forehead. He bowed one last time. As he stood up he felt someone grab him sharply by the arm. “Come you idiot we need to go to the bread isl...

  19. Pulp Friction

    If I ruled the world oranges would be easier to peel. They would not frustrate me to the point of beating them with a hammer, then sucking the freshly rendered pulp.

  20. Spinning Coins

    The coins crashed to the floor, spinning faster before they settled. He could not believe how much pain he was in. The bullet had only grazed him.

  21. Tastes Great

    What a great day, he was surrounded by all of his family. They had spent a fabulous day together. Talking, catching up, remembering every detail from the time they had shared on this spinning ball of water and earth. He sipped at his fruit juice, man i...

  22. Kiss

    They kissed passionately. He basked in the warmth their faces shared. He pulled back and looked up. Woah that was not what he expected.

  23. It walks

    The problem was the blade stabbed in his back should have been the clue. He had just pulled the knife out. Did they think cutting his heart out would really stop him. They obviously had not read up on their zombie folklore.

  24. Death Alive

    His pain turned to anger. He pulled the blade from out of his back, turned round and bellowed “I knew it would be you”. She was not know he was a zombie now.

  25. Jigsaw 2 (Sequel)

    He loved her so much. He knew she had a creative mind. He felt he was holding her back, getting in the way of her creativity. He knew he did not have the capacity to keep her stimulated. He knew that she would find a deeper love amongst the writers and...

  26. Gentle Goodbye

    It was a beautiful English summers day. He had found a secluded spot in the park. He sat under a tree and mused as he listed to the birds tweeting and chirping. He wondered what they were talking to each other about. He started getting paranoid. He tho...

  27. NYPD

    He sat watching a re-run of NYPD Blue. Man did they all wear overcoats that were to big for them? Did they all have bad hair? He could not believe that in such a short time span humans had changed so much. He felt sorry for the human race. He could see...

  28. Jigsaw

    It is very rare that in this life you meet anyone with the other sides of your jigsaw. He had met his perfect fit. She filled him with wonder every time they talked. He loved the way her laugh penetrated his soul. He would look deeply into her gorgeous...

  29. Enjoy The Silence, While it Lasts

    He has been sat peacefully all day, enjoying his writing and musing. She came in and opened her usual family size bag of crisps, potato chips to you Americans. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The noise started to drill into his head. He sighed and shifted arou...

  30. The Trouble With Tipples

    She was peacefully tending the front garden. The ground started shaking. She looked up, she swore she could see flames. She certainly saw clouds of smoke. The problem was all this noise and smoke were heading her way. The huge beast ground to a halt be...

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