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  1. Non-Problems of Youth

    I pop a Lexapro. Swallow. It makes my head swim & kills every boner I could have had, but I guess it’s better than the alternative, & I guess I’m going out. I really am trying to get in the mood. Parties can be fun. Occasionally the...

  2. East Coast Americana (Mature)

  3. Greenland Winter (Part 2) (Mature)

  4. Greenland Winter (Part 1) (Mature)

  5. Henry James

    Intoxicated to see your placeholder dimension space- the purple black star hole- melt into the field of light blue daisies fated to grow into vines, a river, a forest, a mountain…I ache. A cold me is anticipating, wanting to be a ladder for you t...

  6. Out of Mind: Equinox Eruption

    Words crumbled, a dizzy heat flushed the men and women… The light blossom crinkled & spread as the liturgical threads had foretold. Four spirit stags flew from within the oasis in the bark, exhausting the eyes so sweetly like moon-flares with...

  7. Ash

    …finally. When sweet Papa died, Mama & I carried his body to the volcano. We cried & wailed our Family Song over the island, ‘til birds took off in respect of our ritual mourning. Tears fell onto the ceremonial Rain lilies I placed over...

  8. Out of Mind: Adjusting

    I left home and sometimes I don’t know why. I miss the smell of Kabsa from the restaurant by my university. I miss the communal love of football, and I’m still adjusting to its new name. I even miss the heat sometimes. “Catch, Hassan!...

  9. Acne (Mature)

  10. Memories of Lucifer

    “Well, I remember that Lucifer created these massive red webs while he was in Heaven that were just breathtaking. We came from everywhere to see them. I’m sure red was his favorite color, particularly this deep, scarlet shade. Really, the w...

  11. Out of Mind: Kind Beast

    It’s so cold: like a wolf’s air-house in the deep winter on the mountain, yes. But their deep fur caresses them & vessels the sweet heat scavenged from sparkle-white dust. I will use this knowledge for myself, to warm myself with every ...

  12. Incisors for Hands (Mature)

  13. dancing with blood on my tank top

    dancing with blood on my tank top threads of always from my breast undulate shame, a little cough, a little dress, but the shame isn’t. we’re quilts see maybe it’s because of the molly or he’s just scared but damn that boy can ...

  14. Bruno, in a Bar (Bruno Part 9)

    Bruno couldn’t get Jack’s last words from their conversation out of his head. “We miss watching you play your video games, ma biche. Come home soon." The forgiveness he felt from Jack’s words put a fire beneath Bruno’...

  15. Bruno, Confessing to Home (Bruno Part 8)

    “A mommy?” Jack stirred this thought like a thick broth. “Not a daddy?” “…I just get real messed up, Jack. I don’t know why. My mama and my pop was always real good to us. I made decent money doing construction...

  16. Bruno, Speaking with Home (Bruno Part 7)

    “Ahh, there’s my guy. It’s good to hear your voice, Bruno.” Jack’s tone was stern but understanding. Bruno’s mind was scrambled eggs. “Hey Jack,” he said again. “Your mama misses you, ma biche."...

  17. Bruno, Answers (Bruno Part 6)

    “See you next week, sir.” The specialist’s secretary winked at Bruno and slid him the reminder slip, complete with a hastily scratched phone number and the name “Kay”. Her lips were full as a strawberry, and looked as fert...

  18. Bruno, with a Doctor (Bruno Part 5)

    “Hey, doc,’” Bruno began. The specialist’s office made Bruno feel like cafeteria lunch meat: soggy, a little spoiled, flat…but the doctor himself seemed nice enough. “I been feelin’ dark lately, doc’̷...

  19. Bruno, Drifting to Sleep (Bruno Part 4) (Mature)

  20. of

    to be held by light speechless better than jesus. yeah. (fuck that) to be held by light li _ke stags like animals like brilliance of a growing, a forest’s blessing (a fairy!) from dizzy dark blood, ________________sin/muscle imbued scissor finge...

  21. Bruno, in a Room (Bruno Part 3) (Mature)

  22. Bruno, from Lousiana (Bruno Part 2)

    No lover was spared the loneliness, no friend was granted a goodbye, no family was sent a note when Bruno packed everything away into his fading orange pick up truck and drove all the way up to Maine. Songs that crackled out sadder than a bruised peach...

  23. Out of Mind: Bruno (Mature)

  24. Lilith (Part 2)

    Adam is weak. Adam is the weakest being I know. He needed me desperately to ensure his survival, yet after all that he reaped from my labors, he had the nerve to claim that I should serve him. He called my music a waste, boasted that I needed his seed

  25. Lilith (Part 1)

    From the dust, I was breathed into the land of the lambs, the garden of origin, Earth. Life is the greatest gift to me. The test of survival, moving with rotating axes, and nourishing your body like you would a tree…I feel so lucky to have it. I ...

  26. Of Earth and Not and More

    The sun was setting, redder than a peach, leaving red streaks so languid & sinewy across the sky. Night was coming. Emerging from his cabin as if drawn by mating calls of wolves, sex dreams, or fairies, he followed the path from his porch to his co...

  27. Samantha Rogers: Harlot, Queen

    I don’t get upset when I’m called a harlot. I am one – or at least I used to be before I was taken in, and now…well, it doesn’t mean what it meant back then. Now being a harlot is a real thrill. Now they call me- me! Samantha Roge...

  28. What's in a Name?

    My name is Adam Pierce and I’ve been told a hundred times that it is a strong name. They tell me at the Chicory County AA meetings after we disband. They tell me I’m the best counselor they have ever had. They tell me at the Holy Spirit Chu...

  29. ...or Science or Fate or Allah (Mature)

  30. Sucking Apples

    Sucking apples from fingers slurping, animal Tree to limb to Tree – Christ… Sweet Mother, a pillar through our static, pull us, root us with our uprooting, breathe speech and resolve and movement to our leaves. And of breaths… Whose idea was it ...

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