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  1. Santiago

    I felt so embarrassed with the string of pearls around my neck. We were at a beach, for God’s sake, not last night’s bar. My little black dress, the conduit to last night’s love making, was shackling me on the stones today. I was so d...

  2. Bending to Wills (Mature)

  3. Insectasoidal (Mature)

  4. A Boat for Insects

    The hour grew longer & longer & longer & longer until I knew for sure I’d never languish from loneliness again. This would be the best night I’d had in a long, long time. “Will you pack another bowl, Noah?” “Su...

  5. Cheap Cigarettes (Mature)

  6. Samsara the Sheep (Mature)

  7. And I

    “Agh…” Greedily, painstakingly, I opened his eyes. I wanted to savor every sweet & supple minute of this. His arteries pulsed like the sun & I wrapped my vines around them like a cruel hand applying pressure to a wound. It was...