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  1. Caterpillar and the worm (Mature)

  2. Shattered (Mature)

  3. Apparition-Countenance Menace (Mature)

  4. Shiv-ers

    Same thing all year long: Gina’s heart? Antarctica. Afterlife’s warmer.

  5. bitter blue

    real estate agents and potential buyers would sense a damp fog. they could taste it. like powdery ibuprofen that lingered on the tongue for too long. and no matter how good their vision, upon stepping inside that house, they’d subconsciously blin...

  6. thirst at night

    it felt really good, that position: shoulders pushed up against each other. lovecraft in one pair of hands, sark in the other two hands. “can you get me a glass of juice?” an innocent, boring question, and a whiny sigh answered it, but this...

  7. playground love pt. 4 (Mature)

  8. playground love pt. 3 (Mature)

  9. playground love pt 2. (Mature)

  10. playground love pt. 1 (Mature)

  11. bu ttoff coarse (Mature)

  12. takes practice (Mature)

  13. the pharmacist (Mature)

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