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  1. Like a phoenix from the Ficly

    And so it came to pass that the word of the Almighty was addressed to Kevin and said unto him “Go forth and build a community of superb awesomeness, the like of which has never been seen upon the Earth. You shall call it Ficlets and it shall be t...

  2. The morning doesn't always bring peace

    “Good morning, sleepy head.” Her voice was bright and warm, a comfort to my sore body. “I think I bled on your pillow,” I groaned: my voice lower than usual with sleep. “You can wash it for me if you want.” I smiled,...

  3. Live and let... bruise

    “Jamie! Jamie!” Her voice floated gently through my tears. “Good God, what happened to you?” I looked up at her from the floor of the cubicle and tried to speak. She handed me a paper towel and I spat blood into it before managi...

  4. Soaking up the view

    We’d been dancing for over an hour when I had to call a time-out. We snaked our way back to the bar and sat for a moment, taking on water and allowing our bodies to cool. We were far enough from the dance floor to shout a simple conversation, but...

  5. A new starship

    I was old; she was beautiful. I had experience; she had enthusiasm. I had worked the same trade route for decades; she was just in from her first tour of Rigel. I had run into a black comet in deep space; she had run into a black band of pirates. I had...

  6. Aaaaand, we're back in the room

    “Jamie? Jamie!” I swim slowly back into the world. Carla and Jocelyn each have one of my arms and are shaking me none-too-gently. “Whuh?” I utter, blinking in the subdued light of the bar. It is hot in here and I twist gently, t...

  7. Happy place

    It is evening, although not yet dark; the cooler air delights and refreshes the skin after the shimmering heat of the day. I move across the desert landscape of my imagination. Stones crunch beneath my light sandals and the emerald green taffeta dress ...

  8. 53 steps

    I held the world record for about five minutes this morning, but it is time to put that behind me now. The home crowd made its love for TeamGB quite vocal a few moments ago, but it is time to put that behind me too. I pass the guide strap to Mikhail an...

  9. Fitting the evidence into our preconceptions

    I sweep my weeping child up in my arms and hold him close. He wraps his legs around my waist and I drop my hands to support him under his bottom and to stop his skirt from riding up too much. It’s going to be a few minutes before he is able to sp...

  10. 18.06 seconds

    “Marks.” When the tannoy had announced my name, the sound of the crowd had nearly deafened me, but now it was almost silent. Thousands of pairs of eyes bored into my back. I waited. “Set.” Here we go. All I see is an ocean of or...

  11. An ending and the beginning of the end.

    My father was a strange man. Leaving aside his penchant for wearing skirts 20 years before it became fashionable, he always spoke to me about the good old days. The days when information wanted to be free. The internets or something. I was going throug...

  12. Angels and tears

    I was walking and thinking; walking and praying. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference; sometimes they’re the same thing. I’ve spent a long time on the verge of tears. At work, at home, in the car, washing up, sitting alone at n...

  13. Sometimes I

    Sometimes I find, in the back of my mind, a little place to hide. The autumn sun hung low in the sky, making David squint as he walked. He had no idea why he was walking and no idea where. There was nowhere to return to, so he kept putting one foot in ...

  14. Ares the dog

    Miranda decided that today was going to be a good day. Today, she was going Outside for the first time. As mission commander, it was her privilege to be the first human to set foot on another planet. Six months of claustrophobic coasting in zero-G had ...

  15. Ebay provides all

    James stood, washing up and thinking. He wore an apron to keep splashes off his brand new linen skirt. And that was why he was thinking. Outside, the darkness lay unresponsive against the windows, imperfect mirrors reflecting his thoughts and offering ...

  16. Olivia has a bad day

    The hospital was either too cold or too hot, she could never remember which. As promised, Holly held her hand as a sequence of nurses took her vitals, tutted over the fact that she was obviously a junkie, and sutured the cut on her temple. They were al...

  17. A letter from home

    Alarm suffused Shannon Reid’s delicate features as she came into the bedroom. Her husband, normally so rugged, sat on the bed like a wounded child. She shifted her gaze slowly from his face down to the thing held between limp fingers. It was a le...

  18. Reflections in the barley

    spoiler alert If you want to read the whole story first, go to http://ficly.com/stories/11014 now. Katie stood tall, watching the familiar yet ever-changing dance of the wind in the barley. David’s strong hand enfolded hers; her free hand rested...

  19. Two years on

    Katie’s phone played the happy little tune which meant Charlotte. She answered, laughing, “Charlie, speak after the beep.” “Katie, it’s serious. BBC One. Now.” She fumbled for the remote and turned on the TV. “...

  20. Chewing the miles

    At six o’clock, Charlotte and Frank roused Katie, helped her into a wheelchair and wrapped her in a blanket. There’d be time to dress later. Wei watched them go with a closed expression. It looked like they’d be gone before this Malco...

  21. Wake up, we're moving again

    Katie swam up from the anaesthetic very slowly. Her tummy hurt like hell, but it was a much better sort of hurt than she’d had before. It was still dark and she was alone. Through the curtain around her bed, she could hear the nurse, Wei, if she ...

  22. An arrival and a departure

    Charlotte met them by the dingy goods-entrance to a hospital Katie had never been to before. Norman carried her inside and laid her on a trolley, handing a wad of print-outs to a nurse who introduced herself as Wei. Norman wished her good luck and vani...

  23. Choose life

    Katie was sitting up now, as the van drove on. She sipped gingerly at the water Norman had given her. “What happened?” “Weeeellll,” he said, “looks like you drove too close to a Cylink node. A bit like a WiFi hotspot: they...

  24. Incoming message from hub 24

    From: Cylink regional hub #24 To : Brian CY-4A5E, Wendy CY-4A01 Data: Katherine CY-50FE absconded voluntarily with enemy at 2213 today. Pursuit forced CY unit over All Saints Road node #F258E2. Node activated CY unit defence plan #3. Biological unit wi...

  25. Back in Norman's van

    It seemed to take forever for the van to reach point 8. Katie rolled around in the back, clutching her tummy, her whole world on fire, able only to wonder what was going on. Eventually, Libby slowed the van and Norman opened the door and jumped in. He ...

  26. Rough van ride

    “There’s a Cylink node on All Saints Road,” Libby was a little distracted by the driving, “I should have remembered.” To the radio, she said “She needs Norman and fast. I’m putting Charlie off at point 5. Where...

  27. All Saints Road

    It happened on the way home from Aikido. An off-white van much like Norman’s pulled up alongside her as she cycled and Charlotte’s head appeared in the window. “Katie! Get in. Quickly.” Katie jammed on the brakes. The van did th...

  28. Twisting and writhing

    Katie lay awake long into the night, simultaneously upset and furious. Damn Mikey for walking her home. He said he wanted to make sure nothing happened to her. He hadn’t seemed to consider the possibility that she wanted something to happen…...

  29. Bowling like a drunk

    It was Thursday, and that meant bowling. Tonight, though, she was a mess: Frank’s team were to snatch her as she walked home and nervous energy thrilled through her system. She was bowling like a drunk. “What’s the matter?” Mich...

  30. No welcome in the barley

    Katie had spent much of the morning in the field, walking up and down the tractor lines amid acre upon acre of swirling barley. The wind was light, so the song of the power lines was mute beneath their steady crackle. The barley usually calmed her, cal...

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