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Life is beautiful. Life is grand.
But life can be ugly if you only make it to be so.
So it’s up to you, really.
Personally, I choose the beauty.


  1. Death As a Woman--Not a Queen

    “To Jesus Christ I comment my soul; Lord Jesus receive my soul.” Dear God, what am I saying? Do I really believe that I am giving up myself to someone I’ve never seen? Never met? What am I doing here? Why am I saying these words? Do I...

  2. Mr. Gelato Name, Part 6

    “Are you posting bail, ma’am?” “No. I’m just visiting.” “Okay. Well, he’s waiting for you in the visitation room. Right down that hall.” “Okay. Got it.” I stared down the hall. Should I...

  3. Mr. Gelato Name, Part 5

    There’s a point in your life when you realize that there are some people that you should have never met, and some things that you should have never agreed to do. And after that realization, it hits you that you can never take any of it back. Why?...

  4. Mr. Gelato Name, Part 4

    “ANEME-NEME-NEME-NEME—” “What?” “PHONE.” And in case you were wondering, that was my twin sister, Hepatica. Not the one on the phone, of course. But the one who was calling me in that stupid obnoxious way that ...

  5. Mr. Gelato Name, Part 3

    We met in the hallway. He had just transferred in from some far away school, maybe on the East coast. He was looking for his locker, and I was unfortunate enough to run into him. Sometimes, I wonder what my life would have been like had I never met hi...

  6. Mr. Gelato Name, Part 2

    “Where were you last night?” “Where was I? What are you, my mom?” “No. But I am your girlfriend. And if you want to keep it that way, you should one, keep dates, and two, let me know at least thirty minutes into the date w...

  7. Mr. Gelato Name

    His name was Gregory Thomas Maximus. When I first got to know him, I thought that he was pretty amazing. He was brilliant, eccentric (but in a good way), deep, and very outspoken. All very attractive traits—to me, anyway. Greg was also very weal...

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