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“If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”


  1. The Little Green Man

    “That’s what I been trying to say! I traded it for a magic little green man,” Stanley exclaimed. “A magic little green man?! What in the world are we going to do with a magic little green man!?,” his wife shouted. And with that, the little gr...

  2. Samsky's Sandwich Hut

    Old man Boone hobbled into Samsky’s Sandwich hut, just like he did every Sunday afternoon. He ordered the sauerkraut sandwich and sat at his regular table. He sat at the table in the back corner of the restaurant where no one could see him. His cane ...

  3. Robot Hot

    I poked my hand out the door from the dark and felt the burn of the light once more. Everything was steaming, smoking and brown. Still no one came to save us. Tl134 plugged himself into his charge port as I lay down in my bed. Two hours later I woke to...

  4. Z is for Zombie (Mature)

  5. Shooting Birds

    I cocked the new BB gun in my shaking hands. The grass felt like a thousand little prickles against my arms. Quiet and still, I laid, staring down the barrel of the gun. The fat robin sat perched on the bottom beam of the fence, jutting its head to the...

  6. Same Leg

    Off to work late with a coffee in his right hand and a briefcase in his left. He turns the keys in the ignition only to be blasted by deafening rock music from the night before. The music startles him so much; he spills coffee all over his right pant l...

  7. Fish

    A fish watches the gulls flying above the lake. The fish wished it had wings. It wished for wings so much in fact, that one morning it awoke to find that wings had sprouted below its fins. The fish did a spin of excitement and swam eagerly towards the ...

  8. The Ascent

    The sun shone through the shades hanging from the window, laying streaks of light on the Captains face. He woke, rubbing the light from his eyes. It wasn’t long before he was shaven and dressed. His wings glistened on the front of his jacket as the s...

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