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I am going to write something on this place. I am gonna write something ALL OVER this place.


  1. I Could Turn and Stay

    I come back into town for the funeral. I left the badge that let me escape it behind. The time for running is over, even for someone as scared and pathetic as me. I look out the window of the stagecoach. Familiar landmarks are cropping up all over, pla...

  2. Make Your Mother Sigh

    I’m old enough to know better. But she’s beautiful and she’s here. Right by the overturned flower pot, surrounded by a veritable wall of followers and admirers, completely out of my league. I avert my eyes before she sees that I’...

  3. The Thing In The Woods

    The light blinked steadily as we approached, a red pulse lighting up this dark corner of the forest. “What is it?” someone whispered. It didn’t matter who said it, it was on all of our minds. The answer wasn’t. So silence filled...

  4. Passing Notes in Class

    I got a note from a dead girl today. I get a note from a dead girl every day, it seems like. They all seem to subscribe to that “unfinished business” crap from that movie with Christina Ricci and the weird little ghost kid. The problem is t...

  5. Walking After You

    I toss a couple twigs on the fire, and settle in against a rock. All my possessions in the world are in this tiny campsite, and by the time I’m done here I should shed a few of them. On the road I’m traveling you can’t carry much with...

  6. They Don't Give Awards for Courage in the Face of Papercuts

    Growing up, I always wanted to be a cop. All the other kids on the playground ran around pretending to be UltraDude and Magma Lady and pretended the unpopular kids were the Mad Doctor of Bludarnvia or whatever, and I put on tiny aviators and wheeled ar...

  7. Right Behind You

    Pammy Barnum wasn’t always a killer, least, not an active one. Never shot anyone in the time I knew her, and I knew her from when she was three. Oh, but she knew how to shoot. Her daddy saw to that. “I seen enough nonsense and bad folk out ...

  8. What You Wished For

    She wasn’t holding a gun the last time I saw her. I probably wouldn’t be standing if she was, judging by the fresh body bleeding on the dusty floor of the saloon. The words slip out of my mouth before I realize I’m saying anything. &#...

  9. Resisting Arrest

    I see him coming. Well, I hear him first. Hard to miss a sonic boom, harder to miss a guy in red tights and a cape. I’ve got no excuses and a sack full of stolen cash and before I can hang my head in defeat I’m thirty feet in the air, held ...

  10. In The Floorboards

    It was really insufferable, when you got right down to it. The noises they made, skittering about under the floors, at all hours of the night. I don’t know what they’re doing down there. Are they mating? Playing tag? Are they lost? Is there...

  11. Movin' On

    His eyes were shut against the terrible desert sun, but light still broke through. He didn’t know how he got in the desert; sometimes he suspected that he never would. It seemed unimportant now, irrelevant to the search for water, the need to fin...

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