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Hi everyone! Ficly is finally finished!! I really missed ficlets when it was gone. I used to be known as ACORN


  1. You're My Color

    Looking back, everything used to be so meaningless. So colorless. So bland and unseasoned (just to throw in some food adjectives). It was like a black and white movie: things were happening, but they were not making any sense. Life was without life. Th...

  2. Back Down the Mountain

    We were headed on our way down the foggy mountain road. It was one of those winding ones, the ones that you always read about in books. The kind that make you feel like they could go anywhere. For all we knew this road could take us anywhere. It was th...

  3. Snow

    Oh god! It’s freezing! Whose idea was it to go to the snow? I guess I can’t moan; is was my choice to follow these two. Time had been watching Brooke and Alex for a couple days now. It had taken Alex less than a week to ask Brooke out on a date.

  4. His new obsession

    “Because I don’t think that I want to be her boyfriend any more. Besides, you have all of my attention at the moment.” “How is it that you are so indifferent about it all? I mean, she is your girlfriend, after all.” Even as I said it, I knew ...

  5. Fifteen Minutes Later

    “So….are you feeling better yet?” He had sat on the bench with me for at least fifteen minutes. “Why? Are you getting impatient or something? You know, you don’t have to be out here with me.” He looked taken aback. &...

  6. The greatest decision everr

    “It’s spiked. And you don’t look like the type of girl who can handle being drunk… No definitely not. Maybe some water?” Excuse me! What gave this random boy the right to baby me? I grabbed a cup of the punch. I downed it ...

  7. Playing with Time

    And time was exactly what Time had plenty of. There was no rush, no urgency in solving this matter. Time had all the time he needed to find the exact moment when things began to go wrong for the two teenagers. And so, Time began to concentrate, getting...

  8. You are beautiful

    You are beautiful. Far more beautiful than you can imagine. You’re the prettiest person I know. And you are without trying at all. Some people spend hours making themselves look nice. But do they really actually look good? I am going to tell you ...

  9. You were in my dream last night

    You were in my dream last night. You don’t know it, but you were. It was a good dream. A really good dream. It’s not like I haven’t dreamed of you before, but there was something special about this one. We were together: just you and ...

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