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I’m an Australian dude whose been writing for almost my entire life (have a tiny booklet I made when I was like 5 years old covered in writing in crayons) and this sounds like a cool place to have a go and see what people think.

I’m a sucker for Historical fiction, and am quite partial to fantasy and sci-fi. I’m a geek in all senses of the word, and constantly play video games/perform in a theatrical swordplay troupe/do slightly better than average in target archery.


  1. Jester's Mark

    Onward and onward his wayward legs carried him, undoubtedly scared out of their mind by the fairly hefty guards who seemed to be following him. The man in the red and gold mask of the sun thought for a moment. He always got himself into these situation...

  2. The Truth of Eddie, Or A Logical Look At A Vampire (Mature)

  3. The Improbable Drunk

    “Come on! I’m not actually that drunk!” The decrepit specimen of a noble flew over the curb of the street as the bouncers to disreputable tavern threw him as far as any man could possibly fly without wings. Florence was quite a beauty...

  4. Wrong Side of an Arrow

    It is oft said that in times of war centuries ago England was gifted with a large number of the most talented archers of all time. The monarchy had made these into the Longbowmen, great warriors whose arrows arced the skies from their native land to th...

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