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Hi. I am a 19-year-old, American student. My full name is Drew Michael Klopfer. I am an Ohioan studying at the University of Southern California. Go Trojans! Please feel free to give me constructive criticism. It’s good for me. I’m the League of Awesomenness’s Señor del Suspenso (Lord of Suspense).

All good writers start as children chasing fantasy through car windows.

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  1. The Life and Death of Ingrid Walcott

    The Intimate Moments of Ingrid’s Life: The Cafe He sat staring at her while listening to the jazzy lounge music. She took a sip of coffee and glanced in his direction. For a split second they made eye contact, but quickly they both looked away. H...

  2. Pleasure Seekers of the Merciless Night (Mature)

  3. Not Today!

    She stood in line with him, fidgeting. She knew what she would order, one sugar-free, carmel macchiato venti, non-fat with an extra espresso. That wasn’t what was bothering her. Nor was it the fact that she had been there to get coffee every day...

  4. Not Your Ordinary Bank

    Wanted: Person to manage front desk of bank. Applicants must be friendly and able to convince customers that everything is normal and that nothing out-of-the-ordinary will happen to them. Must be okay with seeing large quantities of blood. When a custo...

  5. Obra Maestra

    Hope. With a crisp image in his mind of how the final figure would look, the sculptor inspected his block of stone. He lifted the chisel and took weary stab at it. A quiet clank resonated through the space as the sculptor set the chisel back down on th...

  6. Bruised Jaw and a Hangover (Mature)

  7. A Park in October

    Few leaves still clung to the trees of Olde Brook Park. A squirrel darting from one branch to the next distracted a young lady from her afternoon read and the attention of a lad listening to his iphone 3g. Their eyes met. “Hello, I’m friend...

  8. Evangelistic Behavior

    He lifted the steaming burger to his drooling mouth, nails sinking into the sesame-seed bun like talons on an eagle. A ribbon of scent fluttered past the noses of the student Vegetarian Club. Each one wearing a miserable frown of desire or disgust. The...

  9. ƒ(x)=2x-5

    “Is the equation a function?” “Yes.” “Correct.” “Your shirt.” “What is the domain of the equation?” “All real numbers.” “Correct.” “Your pants.” “What...

  10. On Tuesdays I Make Cupcakes

    Marvin had his gun pointed straight at my forehead, and I could see in his eyes that he was picturing the bullet cracking my skull like an egg. Yes, I had been cheating on him with Bill, but still…a gun is a bit much. The egg timer, comically sha...

  11. Shangri-La of Anorexia

    I am forever swimming in a giant chocolate sundae. The walls of the glass are to tall to climb out, but I would never have the urge to leave. The three types of rich chocolate swirl around my body; each flavor tingling against my tongue. I grasp onto t...

  12. Old Pots Break Easily

    As I watch the slow culmination of my life, I hold my final product. It’s a swan. The clay curved. A long neck. The pure beauty of the creature in clay form. A tear trickles down my cheek. I can’t help think about what could have been. Alas...

  13. 15 words: Part 27

    As the police entered, he tried not to think about Washington’s body in the kitchen.

  14. The Foul Ficly

    Dear Reader, I just finished reading Spring, the ever faithful friend by Sastina Adeliz. A short, beautiful snippet about the oncoming wonders of a new spring. That story, I assure you, is filled with happiness and joy. Therefore, if you want to read a...

  15. The Brellabee Slug

    Timmy and Gracie sat on the ground. They sat and they sat but nothing was found. A rock, a twig, but never a bug. Until Timmy saw it. A brellabee slug. He picked it up. Up in the air. And dropped it on, Gracie’s blond hair. “AAAAAAAAaaaaaa...

  16. Autumn in a Café

    That’s when I saw her, out of the corner of my eye, dipping her tuna melt into a fresh glass of orange juice. My first thought, of course, was actually about how weird to soggy up a tuna sandwich with orange juice. But then, I looked down at my p...

  17. Amateur Pottery

    I have a ball of clay. It is shaped into a perfect sphere. I can change that. I can make it into something beautiful. I can make it into something plain. I can make it into something unique. I have a ball of clay. It can be burned. It can be stabbed. I...

  18. Spring!

    The internal suffering of all my organs being squished at once is a mere inconvenience in comparison to the mind throbbing headaches that rise up from the balloon that used to be my nasal cavity. Yay! Woohoo, it’s spring again! Just let me ask yo...

  19. Jealousy is a Prison

    Jealousy is what they feel when they see me on the other side of the metal bars.

  20. The Cancer of My Perfect Life in Suburbia

    Every day, I wake up to my normal routine in ‘middle-of-nowhere’ America. Still in my royal-blue pajamas, I enter our cream-tiled, master bathroom. I brush my teeth. I put on my black suit, buckle my black belt, lace my black shoes, and tie...

  21. The Bible for Dummies

    “So God made light, then Heaven, then Earth, then animals, then man, then woman, and then told them to be fruitful and multiply, and then a bunch more things happened…and here we are today! So, will you convert so I can sleep with you?̶...

  22. Losing Scarlet and Sanity to a Raven and a Desk

    “Riddle me this…Why is a raven like a writing desk?” said Time deviously, “If you don’t find the answer, you’ll never see scarlet again and chaos will fill the land of wonders!” Time disappeared, leaving The Hatter...

  23. Pavlov's Dogs (Horror in a Sentence)

    The bell chimed, the dogs began to salivate, and another human fell through their feeding chute.

  24. Tim

    No! This is not how it’s supposed to be! We’re still in Middle School for Christ’s sake. Tim slouched in his seat as he heard the announcement. He remembered looking at the High School kids. Touching, holding, kissing… I just wa...

  25. Thou Shalt not Touch (Mature)

  26. Fate: Out of Control

    The image of the corpse got smaller in my rear-view mirror. Why was he under my car? As I gained speed with the road, I realized the answer; he cut my brakes. John reached for his lighter. Grasping it, he started trying, once again, to light his cigare...

  27. Chance Encounter

    Where was I? Oh yes, John Baker was running away from an East-side gang. To this day, I don’t know why. Now, this was a year after graduation. I’d heard through rumors that John had hit rock-bottom. Not that I did any better. I continued be...

  28. Black Cadillac

    So, you want to know the story of my death. Well, John tried to light his cigarette while running away from a gang of knife-wielding druggies from the East-side, but the wind kept blowing out his lighter. Wait, let me think. I guess I really should sta...

  29. Dude! He's not a lion whisperer. (Mature)

  30. The Dream Doctor

    The Dream Keeper went to her room last night. She tossed, she turned. Lost and burned. His tapestry weaving a nightmare in her mind. The Dream Catcher went to her room last night. He wrestled, he fought. The dream was caught. She woke from her wretched...

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