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  1. I am

    I am tired. The weight of pain is a heavy burden and it rips into my soul. I hear the whispers, I see the sideways glances. ’She’s taking this hard,’ and ‘poor thing’ are phrases that haunt me in my dreams. They aren’...

  2. The Wall II

    add a brick build the wall never gonna let it fall…again. You will never find my heart

  3. The Wall

    add a brick build the wall never ever let it fall add a brick build the wall never ever let it fall

  4. Angry women's lament (Mature)

  5. The Bubble Collapses

    His eyes were suddenly curious as if he had no comprehension of the pain he now felt. They clouded over as a single trail of blood flowed down his nose and over his left eye. His mouth opened so slowly; it appeared as if it were coming unhinged. And ju...

  6. The Bullet and the Bubble

    Instinctively, my hand flew up to protect my face. Without even having to think about it, an energy flowed through my body and out through my hand, allowing a protective shield to stop the bullet just seconds before it made contact with my face. The s...

  7. The standing man's curiosity and the bullet

    I took another step. “I’m not going to touch you.” I worked at keeping my voice calm. There was only four to five feet separating us now. I could hear every breath he took. Each one sounded like a low growl deep in his chest. His eyes peaked with...

  8. The Standing Man

    I was just about to walk around the corner when he did something I did not expect. He licked the blood off of his hand. He savored it. I could see his eyes grow wild while he looked again at the helpless victim lying at his feet. He began to look aroun...

  9. Hell in a Handbasket (Mature)

  10. Ripples

    It happens that way Life One minute it’s great, unaboundfully joyful The next minute? Harsh, cruel There is no noticable feeling of this change But if one were to look back they would see the signs Subtle Like the last remaining ripples of water ...

  11. Red

    Sometimes I dream in colors. Lately my dreams have been red. Not the nice primary red you’d see in a children’s classroom, but a deep, dark almost black red. Like dried blood, but no rust. The color stings my eyes. When I wake from the red...

  12. Lost

    I crawled through the woods on my hands and knees. My skin soaked up every drop of moisture it could from the dirt and moss, as I hadn’t ingested a drop of food or water in at least two days. It might have been longer, but time had no meaning to ...

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