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Hello, I’m Harrison Golden. I am a retired papaya salesman who has decided to become a full-time writer. I know. You might think my decision to do this is a bit of a stretch from a previous career, but in reality, papayas are not at all different from short stories. They are both colorful and beautiful (if prepared correctly) and, most importantly, they both taste great with marmalade.


  1. Walking Scruffy (Part Two)

    Sadly for him, I am still alive, feeling each drop of condensation on my face. My head gently moves upward in order to avoid the wet impact, but my eyes almost inevitably begin to wander. “Amy” is walking hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend. I try ...

  2. Walking Scruffy (Part One)

    Funny the way it is, how we are all liars. We constantly walk and pass by acquaintances. They always ask us how we are, but they might as well just shove the word down our throats. “Good,” I say. Just like everyone else. Lying—it’s the on...

  3. Three Shots Of Perspective

    I hear the unusually silent ambulance as it pulls up to the pub parking lot. The lights are off, and the thrill of the vehicle’s rush is absent. The men inside take deep breaths and head inside to get some drinks. They walk in slowly and sit acro...

  4. Sky Blue Raincoats In Battle (Part Two)

    She is heading off to work today at some meaningless cubicle somewhere, wearing that raincoat for the first time since then. It’s raining hard, and she closes her apartment door gently, almost as if it is the closest thing to a loving parent that...

  5. Sky Blue Raincoats In Battle (Part One)

    It has been nearly ten months since I’ve last seen that sky blue raincoat draped along her shoulders. The way it caressed her heart-shaped necklace got to me the very first time I met her in that elevator. I remember returning on a rainy day from...

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