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Just an aspiring writer who’s Armenian-American, living in Hawaii, and influenced by Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, and hundreds of others too numerous to mention.


  1. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Holistic Detective Agency

    Arthur’s edition of the New Hitchhiker’s Guide had this to say about failure: Failure is the only constant that will survive the end of the universe. Dirk knocked on the sturdy wooden door with persistent determination. The kind of determin...

  2. The Force of Angst

    If it wasn’t for just one unsettling flaw, it didn’t seem like she had anything inherently wrong with her. In fact, she was practically the embodiment of an archetypal dream that countless men have shared; one from which they wish not to wa...

  3. Pursuit of the Free Market

    The Crimson Horde tore through the deteriorating defenses of what was formerly the extensively fortified capital of Kar-Arak. They had expected at least a partial response against their noisy incursion, but had so far encountered nothing but abandoned ...

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