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  1. Natural Causes

    An owl swoops out of the branches above and snatches a field mouse. As its claws grasp around the mouse’s body, the poor creature cries out one last time. Air escapes its lungs, never to be replenished. Then bones crunch. Its death is swift. R...

  2. A Midnight Stroll

    It was always midnight here. Like an old silent film, no colors and no sounds. Of course, it was still brighter here than on the Shadowside. The guys were always joking that if Jim didn’t behave, they’d make him do the maintenance there ins...

  3. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

    His wife’s expression begins to change. To pity. To disgust. To fear. He doesn’t blame her. He withdraws, avoids eye contact when she speaks to him. They’re like strangers again, divided by his failure. Changes begin to occur inside h...

  4. The Room

    Time moves differently in the Room. Some think it’s the Process itself that’s to blame, like it moves you at the speed of light or something. Other people have told me they think it’s all psychological, those cramped gray walls and th...