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To put it simply, I’m the kind of guy that likes to stick a lollipop in my mouth, and singe the tip of it with a Zippo lighter; just to make myself feel cool.

Some people think of me (openly) as a self-absorbed prick.

I say…
I publish what I publish.

I’m 18.


  1. Super Seuss Bros.

    There once were Two Brothers, One Stout, wearing Red. The other one Thin, Sporting Green-colored threads. They protected their Kingdom And their Fame was far spread, Crying out to their Foes; “Imma Stomp on ya Head!” Though their mission wa...

  2. A True-er Rendition of Twilight

    The boy awoke with a start at the sounds of angered yelling and banging. He rolled out of bed with a thud; nearly waking his lovely female meat-puppet. Still amiss in the drowsiness of recent slumber, he strolled to the window to see what the commotion...

  3. A Letter To Mr. Persaud

    As we sat there, only the awkward silence pierced through the room; all of us just waiting. Waiting for sound. None of us knew it at the time, but we had all been in the same positions before: the same exact places in that very room. Waiting for sound....

  4. Gnome (Reverse Haiku) (Mature)

  5. Cold

    The boy pressed his face against the glass and watched the snowflakes; blowing in the wind. “Yes, I know Jim is back in town… Yes, I know he just got parole today… I know he’s still got a grudge against Andrew, but… Yes...

  6. A Short, Zombie Comedy (A Zomedy) Page 1 (Mature)

  7. Premonition

    He awoke with a start, and came to realize he was sitting at his desk. Looking around him, everything seemed so… Familiar… Upon closer inspection of the classroom, he noticed that one kid to his left folding a paper plane. Fold down, to the...

  8. Dolphin

    We observe them, watch them, constantly performing experiments on them, although they do not know it. They would never expect US to be the REAL ones in charge. (chuckles) They think they’re all that, when they can’t even use echolocation. H...

  9. Destruction

    We have destructive tendencies, That are seldom necessities. And yet we hold them strong and proudly, To our hearts and without boundaries. Masking insecurity, Chaos is assured.

  10. Don't tell the children...

    I heard a loud crash as he slipped; On his large, fat ass he had tripped. His neck, it had broken His face, it was swollen And out of his nose, red blood dripped. I stared with great horror As the fat man lay quivering. My legs warm and dripping My kne...

  11. Gotta get back to my seat now.

    “Ahhhh”, the man sighed with relief as the gentle caress of the soft tissue touched him. FLUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (whi i i i i i s s s s s s s s s s le) …..huh? HEY!

  12. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! (Mature)

  13. huh? HEY!

    “LOOKIT THAT! UP THERE IN THE SKY! What is that?” “I dunno man, but I want a closer look. Boost me up.” “Alright. So what is it? Whadaya see?” “I still can’t see it! Push me up higher.” “How&#...

  14. I See...

    I see a dog. No, two dogs. WAIT! Yes. They’re both dead. Now I see… A pretty butterfly. WAIT! No. It’s just mommy. And some other man. I need a sugercube. Yes. Much better. Now…what was I doing? Ah yes! Now I see… Scum! L...

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