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Dare to try. I like diversity and immagination. What happens next. With a B.V.A. Degree I do not get away from paper work. I am also a Registered nurse.(General, Psychiatric,Mental Retardation and hold certificates in Immunization and Management. I like to interact with people across all mediums.My favourite places are Paris and New Orleans.(and Australia)
Please be kind and leave constructive criticism as I’m from the land down under and the way I describe things may be a wee bit different to the way you verbalise.


  1. Snow Capped Mountains

    Snow falls, settling on the trees, the surplus making its way to the already saturated earth. Nearby, the first kill of the season falls to the ground. The red blood splashes and forms a pretty colour scheme amidst a snow wrapped background. The man an...

  2. Franklin. No name for a turtle.

    “Franklin! You want to name a kid of mine FRANKLIN? Especially when no one else gets a name in this animal universe we have to choose the right name. “There is only one way to settle this. We are gonna have a game of cards, the winner gets ...

  3. The greatest Time Traveller Ever.

    I have travelled since time began. Through the ages I have been upgraded,degraded,disregarded,discarded and transformed by many ideologies to do their bidding. I have been through wars and depressions. Now I find my days numbered. I cannot deliver the ...

  4. A friendly Twist

    “No”. The word made my head spin. Had he decided? Owen got into the passenger seat and turned to face me. With that beautiful bemused expression on his face he leant over and kissed me fully on the mouth. I saw his ex reel back. With the s...

  5. This is for you Mojo

    The lyrics come slowly, In time you will hear the song. ……………….

  6. A letter to Blue.

    Hey Blue. Now I know why you are still up at 2.a.m. I know why you are outside watching the stars. I can remember when my first boyfriend made a pass at me in the movies. I was only 13 years old. (Odd that I say 13 years old…. I should be saying ...

  7. Ficly "Book" Stories

    Wot’s dis dam story i’s bin told ‘bout on dem Ficly pages? Somebodies gone an’ made a big spectaclar ‘bout not bin identified as one of the best god dam yarn tellas round thisem parts of blogsville.Hot dam it motherfucker ...

  8. The Little Outback Tree

    My mother kept a garden And in it she grew A tree as tall as mountain tops Her kids grew that way too A tree from humble beginnings From the outback I think she said That tree had strength and character Each autumn its leaves were shed The leaves it sh...

  9. One Breath Away

    The cold. Incredible cold, was whipping through the cockpit. Visability was next to zero. The young pilot guided his Spitfire towards home. He had not seen the other planes since the absolute massacre earlier that day. The little Alpine village stretch...

  10. True tales

    Well I am a nurse and have had some hairy situations. One comes to mind of a day I was triage in Accident and Emergency. This day I also had to fill in as nurse for the sexual disease clinic which was run from A.and E. With the S.T.D. Clinic you had to...

  11. Bedtime need not be boring

    His daughter was marrying a loser. So what! Life sucks. Was he man enough to interfer? As his key twisted in the hole ,Kevin found himself wondering where Kelsey (his daughter) had met such a gutless wonder. The door swung inwards. The hand was over hi...

  12. "HISTORY".

    The “DOOR” was the only thing standing when the exterminators arrived. One of the exterminators stepped up to the door and poked it with his finger. It fell.

  13. A Bit of a Plot

    Because of their simplicity and their visual appeal, childrens books outsell all other genres. Roald Dahl amongst many others wrote his books so they would appeal to adults as well as children. Throughout history, books for children have been on the g...

  14. Mr. Amin I Presume

    “Breast or thigh?” (ignore this for character constraint………………………………………………………………….)

  15. A Murderous Obsession.

    September 12th 2000. Taylor Swifts new song,“You belong with me”, belted through the air of the small apartment. Two bodies lay forever entwined with a twin end sword shoved through both of them. “Can’t be sure of this one Sam&#...

  16. Life is a Lesson.

    Truth never hurt anybody. They lie. ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ignore.

  17. Once Upon A time

    Oh I do hope this tunnel finishes soon. I am dizzy from walking on the side of the tunnel. It is really not the right thing to do. Though come to think of it, how do you walk in a tunnel properly? A tunnel is usually round so how can you say you are wa...

  18. Woman to Man

    “Hey darl, you seen the remote around?” Yes dear." Its on the unit next to the t.v.guide. “Looks like a good movie tonight dear. Im glad I got all the ironing and dishes done while you had your shower now we can sit back and watc...

  19. This Adoption Thing.

    Thomas had known from an early age that he was the adopted son of Teri and Oscar. He had been so fortunate in his life but somehow he had a yearning to know his true parents. On his sisteenth birthday he asked Oscar to help discover who his real parent...

  20. D.N.A. Outcome

    Oscar thought of other avenues. “Teri, I was thinking about this adoption thing and I think it has some merit to it.” “Perhaps it would be better to adopt an older child. We are not getting any younger and we have thought about travel...

  21. Hitlers Son (A Life of Atonement)

    Returning to Austria, when his schooling finished, Menhit set about reclaiming his earlier identity. He also read through papers and letters of his fathers and was aghast at his fathers naieve and secular approach in his thinking. Using his inheritance...

  22. Happy Thanksgiving

    “Happy Thanksgiving.” I had always dreamed of thanksgiving. As I live in a country where it is not celebrated I decided to have one anyhow. It was much nicer than Christmas as it was a gathering just like Christmas but no presents. Everybod...

  23. The Inheritance

    The chest was heavy in the boys arms,though not as heavy as his heart. His father had died at the gallows that very morn after being found guilty of the culpable murder of his wife. The boy stared at the wooden object as a belated tear trickled down hi...

  24. Rainbows

    The fields are green where the end of the rainbow falls. The “pot of gold” is the dream of the rain as it heals the dry land. Sweetest rainbow, will you be there when I lay in the fields of dreams? Will you gladden my heart after tears of...

  25. Hitlers Son....Early Days

    The sweet aroma of Roasting venison drifted to his nostrils conjuring up passions of a full abdomen and sated appetite. Frederik Menhit was 13 years old . He was tall , blond haired blue eyed and had a face like adonis. He had lived in the mountains wi...

  26. Hitlers Son is Born

    The bombs were coming closer now. Getting the heavily pregnant Braun away from the bunker was proving more perilous by the minute. Adollf and the girl( who would be known as Braun when the remnents of the bodies were found) were secured deep in the bu...

  27. Hitlers Son

    Evergreen trees, tall, elegant imposters of guards, stood forbiddingly, at the entrance to the sprawling Tudor house. We drove to the right of the house where a niche created out of way parking. This mausoleum of “olde english” with its gla...

  28. Dumb and Dumber

    “Don’t worry I have it all covered. The car will be outside the bank at exactly three fifteen p.m. All you have to do is get both your asses out of that bank at precisely that time or you miss your ride .” New York News will cross to ...

  29. Death of a Salesman

    The droid was the smoothest operator Bolt had ever encountered. Within a nano second of the door sliding up, the droid was on his knees with his weapon drawn. Bolt hurled the disintegrator fluid at the salesman. The droids weapon spat out the deadlies...

  30. Average,Average,Average. (Mature)

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