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Dare to try. I like diversity and immagination. What happens next. With a B.V.A. Degree I do not get away from paper work. I am also a Registered nurse.(General, Psychiatric,Mental Retardation and hold certificates in Immunization and Management. I like to interact with people across all mediums.My favourite places are Paris and New Orleans.(and Australia)
Please be kind and leave constructive criticism as I’m from the land down under and the way I describe things may be a wee bit different to the way you verbalise.


  1. Looking Forward, Looking Back.

    The 3D Ultrasound photo, mounted in an ornate frame, stood pride of place on my parents mantle above the fireplace. This was my fathers first photo of me. Today I placed another 3D, ultrasound photo on the mantlepiece. This would be the first photo of ...

  2. A cliff Hanger.

    Please God, a sign. Kate had wandered down to the foot of the cliff ,to the edge of the swirling Devils hole. The Cliffs hugh mass projected above causing a dark velvet shadow on all below. This is where her darkest moods had taken her over the last d...

  3. Women about Men

    Dear why don’t you shop for some shoes? When you are finished I will be at either the Games shop or the video arcade. Why don’t you grab a girly magazine or a chic flic to watch in the other room as I want to see Sean of the Dead tonight. ...

  4. The Funeral. (Mature)

  5. A Life for Retribution

    I see the pulpit. It looks so much bigger than I remember. Varnished cedar dad always said as we perched in our pew on Sundays. Me in a corny straw hat and my best sunday clothes. Dad in his sunday finery. Over in the front pews on the right ‘t...

  6. 12 O'Clock TrainFrom Hattiesburg (5)

    The boat was there,the bow knocking gently against the pier. I clambered aboard settling next to a cat on a wooden bench. I could feel the clamminess and heat claiming me. Sand flies and mosquitoes were also a problem The trip was long. Eventually t...

  7. The 12 o'clock Train from Hattisburg (4)

    Ihad reached the penumbra area in unconsciousness. Not comatose and also not quite awake. Some call it the ‘Twilight Zone’. Also called The Alice Shadow World’ so named as a young lass named Alice found herself caught in the void when...

  8. The 12 O'clock train from Hattiesburg (3)

    The ‘Essence’ led me to the safe house where she had set up a room with all the necessities I would require over the next few days. After meditating for a short period, I found the lower level of consciousness needed to pass over. The liqui...

  9. 12 O'clockTrain from Hattiesburg

    He was a scrawny character. We continued to eye each other. There was a kind of camaraderie whistling through the wind between us. He was probably a ‘wej’.( able to tune into our frequency but not a decendant from our clan.) ‘Wej̵...

  10. The 12 O'clock train from Hattiesburg

    Thump,scrape,bump,bump, bump. Thank christ I at least managed to stop the bloody case from falling between the platform and the train. ‘Do you think etiquette is totally gone’? my brain grumbled to me as another busy,busy,busy guy cast me ...

  11. The Seance . Mini series of three parts.

    ‘Sssh.’ Jules. ‘Wha.. the hell?’ ‘Just shut up and listen.’ The seance communicator, Maria,continued. ‘Yes. Now I see, I knew someone was here.’ Maria asked the rest of the group to hold hands and say Ko...

  12. A Rainbow Has no end

    Today I wear colours The brightest of hues In remembrance of a rainbow ‘Jesi,’ that is you.

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  15. Celestial 1,2,and3.

    The green glow emanating from Celestial 1’s eyes was masking pure venom. What had been hidden from Greek and Mojo in the rush of the moment was that Celestial 1 had only one hand. Elsha had returned. Greek was blubbering as he looked down and saw...

  16. Cyberhacker

    ‘Shit man, this is the grooviest new version of a cyberhacking I ever did see’ Mojo said. Greek gave a hollow laugh as he scanned the hacked hand of Elsha across the access pad ‘Stupid cyberbitch’ he said as the door opened. ...

  17. Out of this world

    The paternity D.N.A. came back negative…….. ..for a human.

  18. Ambivalence

    The world is our oyster. Paris. Where birds sing. Love blossoms and the heady aroma of recklessness blows your mind. New Orleans. Where the mardi gras exudes richness and sexuality and the voodoo queens give an essence of mystique. New York. the actio...

  19. False Friend

    Julie was very convincing. She had of course done it herself. Six months on and she was still hounding me. ‘Why are you doing this to yourself? Get on with it or I will not help anymore.’ No more procrastination. I knew I would do it. I ...

  20. A Yeti on Zorbot

    ‘Sir! We have to jettison the cargo, we need to make up height.’ ‘Hold on there son, I have to find the lever, and thats pretty hard to do when you are upside down in a small shuttle in some godforsaken spot in the universe. There th...

  21. Jesus works overtime

    ‘Jesus’ she yelled as she took off down the Street. The curtains parted in several windows as people came to see what the commotion was. ‘Just that lady selling those bibles. We bought one yesterday ’member.’ Iris said t...

  22. Miss wonder meets The Host Who Walks

    I stepped onto the road and that is when I was hit. No . Not by a car thank god, but a good samaritan , who had pulled me literally from under the wheels of one. I sat there shellshocked. My purse was still on the road,squashed to oblivion. My new stoc...

  23. Not Just Another Barbeque

    ‘Scotch?’ He asked. ‘Well, only if its on the rocks’, said Marli smiling with her lovable crooked grin. ‘Whats been goin down’. Joe popped out of nowhere and started talking ten to the dozen bout how this. B.B.Q. was...

  24. Comercial T.V.

    The latest news on the meteor heading for earth will be heard after a word from our sponsor. ‘Thinking of gardening this weekend? hop into our flower section and grab some plants. They are so cheap they are walking out the door.’ now I will...

  25. Kevin and Jason visit the Octopuses garden.

    The room was a sea of octopus ink. Someone had made Calamari in the last 24 hours. Kevin( the Medical Examiner, ) was doin’ his thing. Goin’ thru all the techno geek stuff on the computer with that look on his face that says"don’t talk to me...

  26. Chasin' Tags

    Dear Sir, I am taking this opportunity to tell a most extraordinary tale concerning the loss of seven of "Ficly’s most treasured “Tags”. I know they were there when someone wrote “APOCALYPSE” because this is the first...

  27. The Big Emerald

    ‘Yeah,’ Gus smirked. ’It’s something,isn’t it.? One of a kind.’ I looked increduously at the ring. It was that and more. I had always dreamt of an engagement ring like this. One hugh Emerald was surrounded by seven l...

  28. Standing Room Only

    Kessler walked onto the stage. Not many in tonight he mused.Just as well,he sighed,its gonna be a lousy show anyways, miserable at best. Hope the mike works. The last few shows have been a real bitch with the mike losing volume. I feel like I am reall...

  29. The Droid

    As we traversed over god forsaken Salt Lake City the circle suddenly disintegrated and we landed in the void called" Blasphemy." “Phew, my butt sure took a beatin’,” Joe said. Yeah well you were the ass who wrote the directi...

  30. Breakfast.

    My hands are full of bread dough. The cake for the school fair has flopped. The door bell is ringing, and number 2 child has just chucked up. You are looking into my eyes singing," All your insides fall to pieces and you’ll just sit there ...

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