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  1. The Master of Dimensions

    I’m standing on a pedestal of pure white, being held in the infinite blue sky by a needle thin pillar that stretches below beyond sight. He’s in front of me, 13 feet tall, his brown robe in ripples around his body, shrouded face alight by t...

  2. Doctor Daniel DeRainge, Mad Scientist

    “Igor! The lightning rod!” In my line of work I find that an assistant called Igor vastly improves one’s thinking processes. I’ve tried other, similar names, like Boris or Alexei, but they just don’t work. For true inspira...

  3. A Torturer's Result (Mature)

  4. A Torturer's Exchange (Mature)

  5. On The Last Day On Earth, I Will Not Be Alone (4)

    But I’m hoping. God, am I hoping. I’m hoping my life will start making sense someday, possibly with a wave of a magic wand and tinkly little stars, but I know better. I hope that someday I might just find myself having a conversation and no...

  6. On The Last Day On Earth, I Will Not Be Alone (3)

    I cannot remember when I wasn’t lonely. I talk with my mom, my sisters, even my dad’s grave when I’m feeling particularly hopeful or depressed. I talk to friends, share things with them. I even talk my damn shrink. And they all listen...

  7. On The Last Day On Earth, I Will Not Be Alone (2)

    I never knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. Or grew up, as I’m an adult now, I guess. About to start my life proper, whatever that means. But I still don’t know what I want to… do, I guess. Not be. I don’t know what my prof...

  8. On The Last Day On Earth, I Will Not Be Alone (1)

    I always wanted to go home. even when I was there. Home, to me, wasn’t my house, though I had many happy moments there. Home, or rather, “Home”, was a feeling. The feeling I had when I was, I think, five? And me and both my parents we...

  9. The Final Nova

    Vast darkness all around the one ghastly point of light in the void Countless rogue planetoids caught in the dying star’s ever expanding gravitation, their orbits smashing them into each other at terrible speeds On planets once lush with life, th...

  10. Excerpt of a soldier's walk

    His weapon seems oddly light on his back. he knows how much it weighs, but to him it feels as light as a father. he reaches behind him to touch it, as if to make sure it is still there. He looks up, into the night. He doesn’t see the land before ...

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