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A great man once said “Remeber to always be yourself, unless you suck.”

This is my way of trying not to suck.


  1. Fish Tank

    -“Woah, what are these things? Hello! They’re red and green. Orange and Yellow” -“They’re called fish don’t you know. They swim above, while we are below.” -“Fish, I hear you say, what are the for?”...

  2. Cruelty

    My entry to a challenge that I forgot to enter . . . sorry :s . . . how cruelly monochromatic . . .

  3. Mrs Davey from number 35

    “Come away from the door Gran, you know you’re not suposed to go outside.” “I’m letting in Mrs Davey from number 35. She’s been tapping at the window all afternoon.” It was going to be one of those days again. ...

  4. Knight in shining tighty-whitey armour.

    Dashing round his room, jumping on his bed, he knew no-one would approve, but that would never stop the courageous Sir Pants. He had already traversed the Carpet Swamps, defeated the Pillow Monster, and now nothing could stop him from rescuing the Prin...

  5. Knocked out by anger

    He could see them in the distance, but could feel them as though they were closer to him than himself, the emotion was that strong. Moving closer, he was shocked even more. It wasn’t their anger, it was her anger, all that rage from one single mi...

  6. Creative Block

    He’s there, lying on the sofa, just waiting for a story to tumble out of that brain of his. It’s been so long since he’s tried to be creative like this, but surely he’s just a bit rusty, he can’t have siezed up completely ...

  7. One Word, One Vision

    ‘Make a story consisting of one word’ Challenge. ‘One Word, One Vision’ by i, Coomber If?

  8. Sealed with a dying wish

    As the telecoms of condolence came through on the screen behind him, he sat staring at the mail pod. Grateful for the heartfelt sincerities with which he knew they were sent, but each one received meant one more person who never really knew her. Not li...

  9. Closing the door

    As the door slowly closed, the last of the light left the darkness in peace.

  10. So many faces . . .

    So many faces, I’ve known for so long. What they say is me, I say is wrong. Many more faces, I’ve only just met. Some I can trust. The rest I forget. If they say I need help, then why can’t they give it? If this life is my own, then w...

  11. Ready? Aim? Fire?

    As the squad lined up he could tell this would be it. Within five minutes, he would die. Some would say that he really didn’t have to, others that it was the only choice. But the idea of it being a choice never occurred to him. To him it was just...

  12. Dear God, from Cute And Fuzzy With Sharp Teeth

    Dear God, Thank you for these not so fuzzy apes. They are incredibly good at destracting the Velociraptors and so hunting the Cute And Fuzzy With Blunt Teeth’s is remarkably easy these days. Keep up the good work, Cute and Fuzzy with Sharp Teeth...

  13. Note to self

    As much as I appreciated the effort, I only had myself to blame. Try as I might I just couldn’t tell why this note from myself, that I hadn’t written yet, was trying to warn me about something that I, even in the present, had already experi...

  14. Singled out from the pack

    Indistinguishable from the others, today he had finally been chosen. Whether by random or otherwise, his destiny would be fulfilled. Approaching that singular document that would fulfil his purpose, he felt a pang of almost regret. Having seen so many ...

  15. Heartless

    As his last breath escaped him the irony didn’t; it was through the stab wound in his back that she ripped out his heart.

  16. The number 13 to elsewhere

    He was annoyed when the bus stopped. Partly because he wasn’t at a bus stop, but also because he was now under it, and didn’t have the best view of what had just happened. Although one would think that the underside of a bus might be dark a...

  17. The Miller's Daugheter (Mature)

  18. Closing the curtains

    The thunder ran through the house like a hyper-active two-year old. Only Geoff didn’t like hyper-active two year olds. Ever since little Jimmy ran into the table and knocked over his birthday cake. It might be petty, but it wasn’t everyday ...

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