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  1. The Invisible Woman wore a Red Dress

    The invisible woman wore a red dress. Unseen. Unremarkable. Dazzling red. Worn like a secret, a threat to suppress. A code to decipher. A natural mess. Was she somebody’s damsel? A princess on fire? Or fierce like a dragon unfed with desire? Beau...

  2. The Working Compromise

    The child within would cringe to hear me say My hours are rarely mine, with which to be The grownup who is making her own way, instead of working for a salary. I don’t believe that wealth is the true key, But there are things I want, and things ...

  3. Customer Service

    Talking to her was a painful exercise – an extreme sport made of self-control and pure, unadulterated panic. The muscles in my face would ache after a minute of holding that friendly smile. She can smell weakness, I am sure of it. Her words come ...

  4. From the Shadows

    She wore the darkness like a veil, drawing it softly across her face as she peered from the shadows, careful never to lean too far and risk too much. The lights and colours were astounding – and the noise of the crowds lifted her high on hands an...

  5. Memo: An Incident is Occuring

    John frowned at the Colleague as it conveyed its displeasure. He tried to speak civilly to it, as taught, while being direct and efficient. “The incident was logged and filed, per procedure.” This only seemed to further incense it. “T...

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