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I’m a technology freak and fascinated with gadgetry and how it works. I sleep with the radio on to feed an incessant need to be up to date and in touch with the world around me. In stark contrast though, I am perfectly content sitting alone, completely disconnected from everything. I guess I’m weird that way.


  1. Sleeping Dogs Lie part 2

    " I am justice — and her father!", he said almost inaudibly. The figure began to weep again, almost uncontrollably, as fear began tearing at his mind. Race shook is head disgustedly, balled up a rag from the floor and forced it into the...

  2. Sleeping Dogs Lie

    He sat, elbows on his knees, head in his hands, his fingers sliding through hair moist with sweat. The basement room was cool; it was the work that caused Race to perspire. He took a deep breath, forcefully blew it out, and stood. His eyes searched ove...

  3. A Poor Decision

    Without hesitation, gravity took over and sucked Jane speedily toward the canyon floor. Fear began to overwhelm her and she struggled to twist her body to face her would be rescuer. “He’ll come — he has to come!”, the thought ra...

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