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  1. Trapped

    They WERE trying to stop, they were sure of it. But the game was just so good. Try as they might, they couldn’t pull themselves away. In the minutes between their turns, huddled around the flickering screen, they constructed theories about the ga...

  2. Because She Could, pt 2

    It was a Friday afternoon. Pushing through the revolving door out of his office, he turned right, towards home, and she spoke. “Ian.” The world spun down, a toy out of batteries. She was leaning against the marble wall of the building, arms crossed...

  3. Because She Could, pt 1

    She was back. It had been years, but Ian knew even before he saw her, knew without a doubt: she was back in town. Her presence hung over the city like a cloud of perfume, daring him not to notice her. He took to hurrying everywhere, eyes fixed on the p...

  4. Premonitions

    I’ve been dreaming of darkness, of floating redly through silence. I’ve been waking up curled around myself, knees hugged to chest. Every day is too cold, now. I don’t want to think, don’t want to be where I am. The world is too...

  5. Death Above the Trees

    The beast had lost, and it knew it. It let out a bellow, beginning to slip backwards out of the air as the hindmost pairs of its feathery appendages fell out of rhythm. Slowly, the weight of its armored carapace began to drag it down towards the forest...

  6. Remnants

    She was older than anyone in the world, they swore. Seeing her there, sitting alone in her tiny hut, it was easy to believe. Although her eyes were bright and sharp, her face was a landscape of wrinkles, her crease of a mouth camouflaged among the fold...

  7. Beautiful Dreamer

    They followed the trail of drops deeper into the cave to where she lay, curled up into a ball so tight that it was a few minutes before anyone noticed what she had done to her face.

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